Monday, July 9, 2012

Heavenly Day {Mindful Mothering Mondays}

"Hi, Mom.  I'm awake!"  He greets me from the staircase, rubbing his slumber filled eyes and offering me that small half smile of his.  At this time of day, he's all quiet sweetness, coming in close for my good morning hug and our daily discussion of what he wants for breakfast.  Cereal? Eggs?  He opts for peanut butter toast and slides off my lap to pad beside me to the kitchen.

As the day wears on, I know he'll run the gamut of his personality - from quiet and gentle to crazy loud, mightily physical and, sometimes, sensitive and soul-soft.  This is the boy that his Daddy and older brother don't always understand, in their firstborn-boy ways.  I've never been a second born son, but I've known a few and have my own bag of tricks for keeping him on track.  Even though he might be the first child I've had who hasn't hesitated to verbally tear me down, I've got a strange confidence in the raising of this one.  I know this.  I've got this.

That's not to say it isn't hard.  Oh is it hard!  While some of my others are content to fly under the radar, he requires enormous amounts of my energy, attention and input.  Some days, I'm ashamed to say, I sometimes wish he could be just a bit...easier.  A bit less work.  A bit more docile.  But then I remember--

He's made in the image of the One I profess to adore.  His strength of will reminds me of one Lion - untamed, yet good.  So good.  And on this daily road with this wild beast of humanity, I get to see His vibrant and profound creation.  This is a heavenly day and this boy is the handcrafted work of the Almighty.   If I look closely enough, I can practically see His fingerprints all over him.  And when it seems so hard and more than I can contain or hope to control, I'm reminded that all I need is His word and His grace to keep up -- and, miraculously, I've got both.

That's it - I'm equipped. You are, too. When the teenager slams the bedroom door and the toddler pitches a screaming fit in the middle of Costco, you're equipped.

But is that, in and of itself, enough?  We've got to lay hold of these gifts, claim them as our own, suit up each and every day that we're at this task of raising these limited edition works of Almighty art.

He doesn't leave us to figure this all out on our own.  He gives us exactly what we need, and the promise to always be with us when we need a little bit of help.  With the Creator of the Universe on my side, I know I can succeed.  No matter what this 3 year old force of nature throws at me.

{It's Mindful Mothering Mondays, a day to take a deep breath and write out your mothering journey, whatever form it takes.  A day to link up for encouragement from others who are in this same phase of life.  A day of writing out the trials and triumphs and what you're learning right where you are, right now. 

You might post recent struggles or thoughts.  Maybe just a picture or a quote.  Or maybe you'll just come here and read the links that others post.  Whatever form your participation takes, this is a day for you.
We are all in this, together.  Together, we can encourage and build one another up, be honest with our shortcomings and strengthened by community to keep fighting the good fight.

I chose Mondays because what Mama doesn't need a little encouragement on a Monday? As such, I'll have the link up ready to go on Sunday night for you to begin submitting your links.

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  1. Your 3 year old sounds like my 3 year olds twin! :) I know exactly what you are going through when you say " from quiet and gentle to crazy loud, mightily physical and, sometimes, sensitive and soul-soft". My little guy is the same way! And even though he makes me question my sanity on many occasions, I am so happy to be on this parenting journey with him!

    Enjoyed this post!! Loving this meme! :)

    1. These little guys take every ounce of energy from us Mamas, don't they? But I truly believe God knew what he was doing in giving them to us. We just have to hang in there!

      Thank you so much for joining in with me! Heading over to check out your post now!

  2. Life with a little one like this is always full of adventure isn't it? I like to refer to my little guy as "spirited" it seems to fit perfectly.

    What I love the most though is how he can go from a moment of total craziness and fun to a moment of quiet, cuddling love in my arms. He is a boy full of so much energy and I just try to keep up :)

  3. My once spirited toddler is now 26. He is a good man, desiring to please the Lord. I am blessed by him and who has grown to be, but I wish I had understood him as well as you do your son. I am sure you will have exasperated days when you 'mess up', but you truly see who your son is and are a wonderful mama to he and his siblings.

    Enjoy your children at all ages!

  4. You do a GREAT job with Jonah (and all of your kids) and you know I have a soft spot in my heart for Jonah <3

  5. Intense children can be such a drain and such a joy! Mine is five and yes- most days run a very full gamut of behavior...K

  6. Thanks for the reminder that, made in the image of God, I'm equipped to handle these children who are made in the image of God. I'm in the moody teenager mode of parenting, dealing with three teenage girls and a tween boy.

    Sometimes having what I need in a moment includes having a husband who steps in. And just today, I read an article that brought up interesting conversation about how we're all doing, parents and kids, to prepare them for successful adulthood. We can all improve.

    1. Definitely. An important thought to keep revisiting! I like this quote from Charlotte Mason: "Begin with the end in mind." She meant it about education, but I think it can be applied to parenting as well. Thinking about the end result and evaluating if our daily journeys will get us where we need to be. Thanks for coming by, Ann!

  7. Loved this today. I had a Mindful Mothering post started and then... no internet all afternoon/evening. But it forced me to go outside with my kids to dig a hole with them and to enjoy a sunset I may have otherwise missed. And it was a blessing for us all.

    1. There is always next week! It sounds like you were mindfully mothering just as exactly as you should be :-).

  8. Lydia, I have one of this boys as well (second born just like yours?) He brings great joy, frustation, pride, and exasperation! Thanks for the encouragement, even just knowing I'm not alone in my struggle sometimes to parent the harder ones. Blessings to you!

    1. Oh Angie, I do think that there is much to be said about birth order...God knows what he is doing! Yes, these are hard little personalities but I truly believe that there is something special and important that God has for these feisty little ones!

  9. So delighted to have "found" you through Ginny's blog! What a wonderful Monday feature - hoping very much to join in next time!


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