Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WIP Wednesday/Snowed In Soup

Well it is finally Wednesday so I can show you all what I've been working on.  First, we have F's birthday dress.  This is technically still a WIP since it lacks straps and the elastic threaded through the bodice.  It was an insanely quick knit.  I made the size 2T based on chest measurements.

Still unblocked, so a bit odd looking

a "Little Red" for F

These are my current "WIP"'s.  I'm hoping to dig out from all of this crazy snow and head to the fabric shop for some elastic thread so I can finish F's dress.  Then I'll cast on for D's and start all over again!

We were hammered with snow last night so today it is a winter wonderland outside!  F loves snow so much, she couldn't want to get out in it.

The rest of us decided to stay indoors where it is warm and work on some Valentines.  D is my artist, so she was working especially hard.

So much love...

In the kitchen, I made some wonderful Snow Day soup.  We eat a lot of soup, stew and chili here, especially during the winter months.  My family loves soup and I love that most of it is very healthy, can be made inexpensively and can be altered to fit whatever you have on hand.  Today I used a few leftover chicken breasts, cut up potatoes, onion, carrot, celery, green pepper, garlic and added some chick peas as well.  I used chicken stock I had leftover and saved (always save your chicken stock!), although you could use some bullion cubes.  I love that soup can be left simmering all day and eaten whenever someone is hungry.  This helps a lot during our Midweek when mealtimes are not as regular as during our normal weekdays.  Add to it some homemade bread or biscuits and you have a lovely warm meal for a cold snow day.

Off to enjoy my family!  Happy Midweek!


  1. Yum-o! That is the exact soup I made even the chickpeas except I used veggie stock and didn't put chicken. Oh and I added ABC pasta to con my kids into eating it. It worked for 50% of them :) Beautiful dress! Is the Little Red a ridinghood sweater or another zip back hoodie? Loving it!

  2. I'm kinda making up "Little Red" as I go. Its going to be a hooded cape for my little to wear "...on the way to Grandma's house." :-)

  3. Very sweet! Can't wait to see her in it. I am LOVING the ribbed hood! I need to get the zip-back sweater pattern from you as well :)

  4. I love that purple color & I am amazed by your knitting! That soup looks so yummy. I am baking a chicken tomorrow & looking forward to soup with the leftovers!

  5. I was amazed by your beautiful crotcheting!! I need to learn something fancier than single crotchet so I can make a beautiful blanket!

  6. i’m having a friend teach me to knit so i can find the pattern for that dress to knit for our little girly. i saw this post ages ago and never commented because it got filed in the ‘i’ll never be able to do that!’ part of my brain. so, i’m learning to try it. thanks for the inspiration! :)


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