Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today I am

Reading - about how to dry out a wet cell phone that lil J thought needed a the toilet.

Eating - hummus on tortilla chips

Knitting -  only taking on knitting projects using the yarn currently in my stash...and having fun coming up with one skein ideas.

Needing - a little piece of quiet, and of course, not getting it.

Planning - more giveaways coming up soon.

Lacking - any real motivation of any kind.  Yes I am ignoring you, overflowing laundry hampers.

Smiling - at that little phone-baptizing stinker who is doing the hand motions to "patty cake."

Loving - a crisp yet sunny sunny Spring day.

J Photographed by D, age 5.


  1. how is the phone? MY girl decided to bath my husband's brand new walkie talkie last week. (she was so proud of herself for cleaning it so well! lol) He opened it up, poured dry rice all over it, and set it in the sun for several hours. it actually worked!

  2. We tried to rice option and left it for a day...I tried it today and it worked for awhile but now I am getting a black screen. So sad!


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