Friday, May 14, 2010 May?

Its true, I've started Christmas knitting.  I suppose it is a good thing, given the size of my family and my goal for handmade Christmas gifts across the board.  It was really unintentional.  Yesterday my cousin ( and fellow fiber enthusiast) and I went to our local yarn store to find yarn for a particular project for another cousin's baby (following me yet?).  I found the yarn I was looking for but then of course got caught up looking at some other yarn...petting it and racking my brain for a concrete reason to buy it.  Then it came to me: of course I needed it - for a Christmas gift!  My "plan" is to make sweaters for everyone in my immediate family - that is 5 sweaters, people - so starting in May really does make sense.  I agonized over color choice and ended up on Lilac for D's Christmas sweater.  Of course I promptly came home and knitted right up to the split for sleeves, staying up way too late.  I've come to two conclusions: I am somewhat afraid of making a sweater for my husband - I am used to instant gratification knitting and if this size 5/6 girl sweater is any indicator, I will be hopelessly bored knitting for a full grown man.  Also, I am in love with Shepherd's Yarn and doubt I will rest until I've knitted through every color option available.


Little J boy is getting so big!  He really understands quite a bit which is so amazing to me.  Only 13 months ago he was brand new, and now he can already sweep a room, run around the backyard, get into loads of mischief and even understand me.  He has started "asking" for things with a loud shout, and while I admire his enthusiasm, I have been trying to redirect him to quieter tones.  Good luck in a house this noisy, right?  We're working on it, anyway.  I even had him successfully say "pease" the other day in a quiet voice, which I rewarded with lots of delighted clapping and giving him exactly what he had so sweetly asked for.  I'm so proud of him and really do love every new thing he is learning - but as always, its a bit bittersweet.  I can't believe how big my baby is.


Speaking of babies, my kids apparently have baby fever.  The other day my oldest said decidedly " I think a girl is next."  Of course I don't necessarily have babies on the brain 24/7 so I asked "what are you talking about?" B answered "I was just thinking it would be nice for the next baby to be a girl.  I like girl babies.  So how soon can we have one?"  Oh my!  Then last night after I fell into bed, I slipped my hand under my pillow and found a card D had left for me - it was a cut out from a photography advertisement with, you guessed it, a pretty baby girl prominently displayed.  I showed it to my husband and said "I think our kids are trying to tell us something."  He *pretended* not to be amused.

I have to say, all silliness aside, that I love how family - oriented my kids are.  I watched a show the other day that showed 2 little boys visibly upset that their parents had decided to have another baby - without their input.  What a 21st century take on family!  My kids have always greeted the possibility of a new sibling with a lot of excitement and anticipation.  While there is always an adjustment period after a new family member is added, I truly believe that my children see siblings as a wonderful and exciting prospect.

I feel the need to add that I have nothing to report on that front.  Just in case you were wondering....


It is a beautiful day and I promised my girls they could plant my marigolds once J went down for a I better get moving!  Happy Friday!

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  1. On the sibling note: I think the best gift we can give our kids is that of one another. Their relationships will be a blessing throughout their lifetime.


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