Monday, June 28, 2010


It has been awhile that I've enumerated the many blessings of life on this blog. Too long.

During quiet time, when none but little J and I are walking these cool morning floors, I jot them down.  Lists of grace, lists that mark the days and months and years of the faithfulness lavished on my little family in this humble corner of the world.  J grabs at my pencil and I shake his chubby hand off, brushing fingers with a kiss, adding that to the list: dimpled baby hands.  Later on when the sun looms hot and sweat trickles down and voices shrill threaten to bring out that ugly bitter monster that resides in my chest, I can leaf through pages of words, reminders, testimonies of all that is good.

Gratitude brings me back to a place of a peace, a place where I cannot help but be overwhelmed with the goodness of each moment.

Starting where I left off in the blog-world:

295) chubby, dimpled hands that hold my heart.
296) Summer sunrise
297) ceiling fans
298) Mom-bonding
299) clean pool-fresh toes
300) painted toe nails
301) Cookouts with my parents
302) Sisters who are close enough to hug
303) neighborhood friends
304) sun spackled quilts on clean green grass
305) sweaty sleeping babies
306) tight husband hugs at the end of a long day
307) parenting under grace
308) A houseful of kids
309) brand new babies
310) wide open windows


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