Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Love *or* Anatomy of a Sick Week

"More love, I can hear our hearts cryin, more love, that's all we need..."

Our past week of crazy late nights of work on the computer and take out dinners has given way to, you guessed it, a "sick week."  What is a sick week?  Why I am so glad that you asked!  A "sick week" is what happens when you have more than one person get sick - a phenomenon that is unfortunately common in a larger family.  Not to be confused with a sick month or a sick semester that can happen quite frequently during the school year ( as a dear friend bemoaned to me "just when I thought we had had every single bug available, a friend told me her kid had a virus with a rash!  I don't think I can handle another bug!").

I was praying it was just a fluke with my oldest, who came down with it on Tuesday and then seemed mostly fine thereafter..until last night when the 3 year old woke me saying "I tried to clean it up mommy but it is everywhere."  She wasn't the bed, tracked down the hall, on her jammies and in her hair!  An hour and a half later saw a bathed child, clean sheets, cleaned bathroom and the laundry shushing downstairs.  Then of course she needed me to lay with her and rub her back.  Who could deny this poor little one that?  Just as I was drifting off I hear my own alarm for the day....

So today is a sick day in the midst of a sick week.  Daddy made ginger tea, took the little ones outside, set up a breezy tent over a quilt  and they are soaking up the sun  - much better medicine than laying on a couch watching TV.  I'm occupying myself with (hopefully) the eradication of sick.  Windows wide open, antiseptic sun shining bright, sheets flapping on the line.

What does a sick week require of a mama (and/or daddy)?  More love.  More patience, more comfort, more nurturing.  More work, yes, but the opportunity to offer sympathy, soothing words, simply love in action.

Princess tent doubling as a hospital wing

Dr. Daddy

Ginger tea helping tummies

I'm off to join them.  Stay healthy!

*I apologize for the blurry-ness of my pictures.  I don't know what is wrong with my camera!  It is making me quite upset as I'm sure you can imagine.*


  1. Oh, and hope the sickness is gone very, very soon!!!! Great perspective too, by the way!

  2. Can you tell me about this ginger tea? Hopefully we won't need it for a long, long time, but just in case, I'm curious... :)

  3. Hugs. Have you tried wiping off your camera lens with a lens wipe and getting it spotless?


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