Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth and Other things...

Happy Fourth of July!  We did most of our celebrating yesterday - parade, cook out, swimming, bonfire and a few little fireworks.  So much fun was had that B is just now rolling out of bed!  I made the executive decision to forgo church - little J was gobbled alive by mosquitoes last night and needs some TLC.  Babies must have super sweet blood - none of the rest of us were bit at all, but he is absolutely covered.

Today is slated to be a scorcher - at least by Michigander standards.  95 degrees and humid. My darling husband has still yet to install my A/C unit.  At this point I think it is more due to the hilarity of my desperation than to any oversight on his part.  I've taken that to mean that I'm not intended to do anything of any real value today - keeping everyone alive and fed will do.  My other plans include shopping online for fabric for a few projects and knitting under the ceiling fan.

Why is it that when you have one project of one sort to finish, you only want to do something else?  I currently have no sewing projects to speak of and really should be working on knitting this little woolen jacket that is nearly done - so of course all I want to do is sew.  I also have a mountain of mending to do, my girls being as hard on clothes as they are, but that doesn't interest me in the least.  No, all I want to do is look at stack after orderly stack of beautiful fabrics online and fantasize about what they will become.  It is a mental disorder, I tell you.

The blogs aren't helping.  Just when I think I've settled on a project and begin searching for materials, I read a blog and see lovely pictures that stop my heart and suddenly give me the itch to make another quilt (my first one so freshly finished it hasn't even been washed yet).

The solution is to  Pour another cup of coffee and pick up that darned little jacket that was so fun to begin but now can hardly hold my interest and hopefully finish it today.  Perhaps watching my kids run through the sprinkler will help.

Happy 4th to you and yours!! 

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  1. I need to see WIP of this darned little jacket. More because I am at the weird "half my projects are done and I am losing motivation to start the others on my list" and I l;ike to live vicariously.


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