Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Gratitude takes into account that, although we take on life with an iron fist, convinced we truly "control our destiny," there is so much that is just plain grace.  So many things that we couldn't craft into being, no matter how hard we try.

Gratitude humbles.

1) on a morning when it is so.hard to pull myself from sleep, he meets me downstairs and makes breakfast, dishing up plates of steaming eggs to all the little people and me as well, smiling over warm mugs of coffee.  Just because.
2) They tease and chatter, sometimes too noisily for Mama's early morning ears, but I stop and reflect on how dear and wonderful it is to hear them so vocally vibrant.  My babies.
3) He snatches an empty egg carton and makes a run for it, chubby feet smacking the wood boards, giggling maniacally while I give chase, catching up with a tickle and a kiss and a toss in the air.  4th born fills my heart just like numbers 1 through 3 do.  Ever expanding heart capacity.  Amazing.
4) Tap tap tap on the window, friend smiling through the pane.  Little girls run off through the gate holding hands, playing princess.  She smiles back at me and skips on.
5) Washing dishes, crystalline water splashing over bright ceramic.  Wipe down counters, set out a vase filled with flowers.  Making home beautiful, a sweet and lovely place to come back to.
6) Needs met abundantly.  It may not look like the American dream, but we have what we need.  Blessed.

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