Saturday, September 25, 2010

::I miss you::

His brand of love smelled like coffee and felt like a big smackin' kiss.

His voice, gruff and burly but full of twinkle and tease called out "oooh I love ya!" every time he squeezed me close, almost knocking his trucker's cap clean off his sweet balding head.

I remember the ride to his house felt like eternity (30 whole minutes!), bumping along country roads in the family station wagon, singing at the top of our lungs.  I remember tumbling out of the car with my siblings and running all over that property - down the hill to the monkey swing, out to the field and our "secret hideout."  Back inside to see what candy we could bribe our grandparents to give us.

He would tease in his sarcastic way but you always knew it was just one big joke.  Forget about something on the stove once and forever be labeled as an incompetent cook.  Announce a new pregnancy and blush while he shouts at your husband "leave that poor girl alone!" before hugging you both.

His faith was important to him - especially in later years.  I still remember the day we all packed up and drove to a strange church - his - to be there when he was baptized.  My Grampsy, baptized right in front of me, the first time I ever saw a full submersion baptism.  He popped right back up, soaked through with tears and water, smiling wide and shaking the pastor's hand so hard I thought he would pull his arm clean out.  And then after - hugging my Dad.  I'll never forget that.

He loved his family so much.  One of my biggest joys was to see him with my kids - his great grandchildren.  My kids loved him as much as I did. With each new great grandchild he would always half complain "When are you going to name one after me?" I was so proud to be able to hand him my brand new Joboy and tell him "I did."

We all miss him so much.

September 25, 2009 he left us to go be with his Savior, leaving behind so many broken hearts.

Until we meet again, Grampsy, "Oooooh I love ya!"

Psalm 116:8

"For You, oh Lord, have delivered my soul from death, my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before the Lord in the land of the living."


  1. Oh Lydia, what a beautiful memory to record! Such a sweet tribute. *sniff* It won't be long until we are reunited with those that we love so dearly. Lord come quickly!

  2. I just found this post and it just touched my heart so deeply.
    My grandfather was a very special person to me.
    This just really touched my heart.
    I want to thank you for this...I'm at a loss for words with a lump in my throat.


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