Sunday, September 19, 2010


I was a bit worried about beginning the school year, resisting the switch back to routine and rhythm mostly out of sheer exhaustion.  A summer of nothing much but hard core relaxing can really start to take the wind out of your sails.

I shouldn't have worried.  The return to rhythm has energized and motivated me!

I am someone who needs to get up and get going, otherwise nothing will happen.  Just getting back into my normal routine of starting the day off with laundry and dishes, keeping the kitchen cleaned up and spending those 15 minutes doing some meal planning has really made life around here more enjoyable.   I find that having a required level of maintenance helps keep me on track and not too distracted.

Now that I feel confident in our daily schedule and the tasks that are required for me on any given day, I'm turning my focus back on a few projects.  The first is completely no fun, but a required bi annual task:  The great clothing switch-over.

If you have children, you know what I mean.  Summer clothes switched out, fall wardrobe needs noted and found.  This usually takes me about a week.  I can already tell who are going to be my "problem children" this year:  My girls, especially F.  We have been so blessed to be handed down clothes for my sons and a bit for my older daughter, but I went through F's clothes and she is sorely lacking!  D has been especially hard on play clothes in recent years so she hasn't had quite as many to hand to her little sister.  Thankfully we live in a great area for second hand clothing stores, so hopefully we will be able to bring F up to speed in short order.

The other projects in my queue are much more fun: Christmas gifts!  3 sweaters are done, one is at 85% and the last is about halfway completed.  Next up are mittens and socks and a little Totoro doll for baby J.

How is your transition from Summer to Fall coming along?

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