Tuesday, September 21, 2010


She fell a few weeks ago, a mere 2 feet from where I stood.  I gathered her up and blotted the blood and looked in her little mouth at a tooth, loosened by the blow.  I rocked her and sang and kissed and did everything I could.  Another day, another fall, unremarkable really, kids tumbling as they do.  Less than a week before baby brother had fallen off the deck, blood dripped down my shirt and I worried over him as well.

Days passed and both had healed up, looking fine.  The tooth firmed in her little mouth and the cut on her lip became a distant memory.  I smiled and shook my head at my worries, convinced there must be a special Angel for children - kids always seem to come out just fine.

Until, what was this?  A week or so later, her tooth began to darken.  I called the dentist who told me it was normal and that they don't do anything for that...it will fall out when teeth do.  I would simply have to wait.

Wait?  My beautiful little girl has a gray tooth!

Its a struggle for me.  She continues to smile with her 3 year old confidence and, although I smile back, it hurts me a little bit.  The truth is, she is fine.  She is healthy.  Her mouth doesn't hurt.  The dentist said its fine.  Shouldn't that be enough for me?

3 years, that is how long it will most likely be before she looses her tooth naturally...maybe even longer.

Its my pride that is suffering.  My preoccupation with the thoughts of others.

Will they look at my girl and think I don't take care of her dental health?  Will they judge me as a mom?  Will other kids say mean things?

My own insecurities are torturing me, my pride damaged and my vanity showing its ugly colors.   I am horrified that I still have these feelings and thoughts even knowing that everything is fine and healthy and ok.

Worried about other people thinking less of me for something that isn't even a problem or an issue.  Paranoid that I'd appear to be anything but an excellent mother.

All because of a tooth.

Life has a funny way of showing us the deep flaws within ourselves.

Psalms 94:11 The LORD knoweth the thoughts of man, that they are vanity.

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  1. Averie tumbled around the same age and she had 2 grey teeth in the front, they lightened very wuickly. My friend's son did the same thing and both kids teeth look totally normal!
    Hugs! Always remember we don't parent for other people's opinions just our families best interest and in line with our convictions. Be thankful her mama was there to cath her when she fell.


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