Friday, October 15, 2010

Doll Making

A few years ago I stumbled upon Waldorf Dolls and wanted one so much for my little daughter! The only problem was the pricetag - usually around $150 per doll. I knew that would never fly so I looked into the alternative - making one myself. Around that time I was a part of an online parenting board that was hosting a co-op with Dancing Rain Dolls - and I was able to get my supplies and pattern very inexpensively. Amy was so sweet to work with and truly included everything you needed in your kit. My first doll was full of flaws, but I loved her - still do!

About a year later, I decided to make a doll for my younger daughter - even though she was only 20 months or so at the time. I made the "my baby" style which is smaller and different than the one I made D. She turned out very cute as well!

So both my girls have dolls. Done, right? Well...

It just doesn't feel like Christmas without making a doll. And F has had a sudden interest in her baby and would surely love a little buddy to go along. I still have a lot of extra materials left over - and due to a sudden surge in super quick doll knitting, we will have plenty of clothes for all 3 dolls. So, I ordered a few more supplies from Weir Dolls and Crafts here in Michigan, and it came Wednesday.

I decided to go with the screen printed body (pattern onto the body fabric) which actually ended up being cheaper than just buying the fabric. It was quick and easy to sew those up real quick (using coordinated thread and ball point sewing machine needles to keep the fabric from getting little holes in it). In the past I have bought premade heads, but this time I went ahead and made my own. I'm not sure what I was so intimidated about, it was super easy!

 photo from weir dolls and crafts

All that is left to do is attach everything together, and sew the face and hair. I'm hoping to finish this little lady by the weekend!

Of course, because this has gone so quickly and painlessly...I am tempted to make another for D too...

Want to make your own doll? You can do it! It actually requires very little sewing ability and is a craft that keeps your interest as the steps are all so varied and fun to do.  Also - there is something quite special about giving your child a doll that you yourself made - something that no store bought doll can replicate.  Waldorf dolls are also made of all natural fibers so there is no worries about plastics or lead or any of those yucky things that are such a concern these days.

What are you waiting for?


Perhaps an excellent place to start making your Waldorf Doll (you know, now that I have convinced you to do it) would be at....Craft Night!  I'll be on hand to help.  Yes I am hoping to host another Craft Night probably in the next month.  If you are interested, please comment and let me know.  I'm thinking a Friday Night again.

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  1. I've made 6 dolls so far and I've learned some tricks! Bamboo rolls easier than wool for the head (our JoAnn's has it!)... And I use an infant sock in the place of a sock netting for the head as well. You can get flesh tone knit fabric at JoAnns for around $3 a yard, it's not organic, but if you aren't super strict on everything being organic, this works. I can make a dancing rain snuggle baby for around $6 a doll. Makes a great gift!

  2. Thank you for the tip! I don't use all organic materials, that is really good to know!

  3. my mom used to make these for the rudolf steiner bazaars when I went to school there. she made teeny dolls in walnut cradles up to big dolls with real hair. I still have the dolls she made for me, your girls will cherish them!


  4. Definitly interested in a craft night. I need lots of help!

  5. I am no good at making the heads! I tried a few years ago and it was a huge failure. Maybe time to try again?


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