Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Letting Go

I'm wiping dishes at the sink and peeking out the window at the little fellow in the yard, gated in, determination seeping from every pore.  His hair is flopped over his brow and he has a solid smear of dirt across the bridge of his nose.  In one hand he is clasping a small tonka truck, and with the other he is attempting the heave himself into the neighbor's wagon.  Bright yellow leaves are the backdrop to this little scene, and they swirl around him as he fails in his mission time after time after time.

How often in life are we clinging so desperately to one thing that we are disabling ourselves from achieving our ultimate goal?  I know I am often guilty of this.  Sometimes it can be seemingly impossible to just let go of the things we cling to, even if doing so would unable use to achieve so much more.

Joboy finally "gets it."  He lets to tonka drop to the ground, and, now with both hands free, gives a giant tug and pulls himself into the wagon.  He sits there obviously quite proud of himself, chattering on and on and not even noticing the truck left forgotten on the grass.  He has, it seems, arrived.

I look at the pan I'm washing and set it aside.  I'm not going to miss out on this moment because I'm clinging to something so silly as an empty sink!  As I grab the wagon handle and run around the yard, Joboy is shrieking and laughing in the wagon behind me.

Its all worth it if you can just let go.

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