Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mama Dreams

A few days ago I wrote about having it all and how sometimes its not possible and how there are choices to be made and it all makes so much sense.  Being grateful for where you are and what you have here and now is such an important part of being intentionally content - something that I truly crave for my life.

It is a work in progress.  There are days when its easy, and there are days when it is so incredibly hard.  Looking for the little and the precious and the imperfect helps keep the focus on the good parts of why I do what I do - a tipped hat to the importance of the sacrifice.

I hope to make this a place of authenticity and, in doing so, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that yes, I have dreams.  In striving to be content with where I am now and embracing the gift of the present with these gifts of mine, I wouldn't want it to appear that I don't dream beyond this place in my life.

They may seem small to you.  They may seem unattainable for me, ballerina in the making turned teen mama turned homeschooling/homebirthing/breastfeeding/baby wearing junkie.  Sometimes I think - "what makes you think that you could ever...?"  I shove those thoughts back because I am raising younglings here and I look in their eyes and tell them every day - "yes, you can.  Yes, you are.  Yes, you will be."

Its a balance to be content with the now and still a dreamer.

My dreams?  In no particular order

1) To write a book.

2) To own a yarn/designer fabric store

3) To encourage other Mamas

4) To raise well rounded, kind, respectful human beings

5) To own a home and maybe a bit of land...a small flock of sheep?

6) To meet all my grandbabies, look them each in the eyes and love them.


What are your dreams?

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  1. Aww you have beautiful dreams, some I even share and they feel equally out of reach. Someday...

  2. I dream to one day to be able to "stay home" with my children ;-)

    I also dream to run my own piano studio teaching lessons.

    I dream to build a house on the 10 acres we own.

  3. Those are beautiful dreams, Melissa! I used to be a dancer so I'd like to possibly teach ballet one day as well...

  4. Beautiful dreams, every one of them. So very nice meeting you.

  5. to write a book.
    to have a srong marriage.
    to be a stay at home wife and mom.
    to graduate from college (although this is fading).
    for my kids to always want to come home.
    to have home people always want to be in.
    to make a huge impact on ending the demand of sex trafficking.


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