Saturday, October 30, 2010

Organization: Children's Art

I'm not one who can hang on to art projects and pictures my kids make.  We live in such a small home that it only takes a week or two of holding on to things to completely overwhelm the entire house.  I know some moms who keep it all (not sure how), and others who even frame their children's art all over the house.  Some save one picture from each week in a binder, but I have 4 kids. 52 weeks in a year times 4 kids is a lot of papers.  I want to preserve their art, but I was unsure how to deal with all the billions of papers that were "special" to my littles.

My oldest daughter, D, spends roughly 2 hours per day drawing and creating.  It is her favorite thing to do, and lately I've been feeling more and more guilty getting rid of her creations.  Inspired by a friend who posted some snapshots of her daughter's drawings, I decided to take pictures of the work that D does - and put it in her own little folder here on the computer.

She can go back through and look at all the beautiful pictures she has made over time, and even print some out if she wants to, or even have them made into a book from snapfish.  Storing hundreds of photos of art is no big deal on a memory card on cd.

So far, it works for us.

How do you organize your kids' art projects?

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