Tuesday, January 4, 2011

To Do: Everything

To Do lists only inspire me when I write easy things on them - things like: brush teeth, make coffee, unload dishwasher. If I were to truly make a list of things I have to do, it would surely have no end.

Days like this overwhelm. I wake to "Mom, I've got gum in my hair." And from there it takes off, a series of unplanned events that make getting to my actual list of To Do's unthinkable.

The laundry needs doing, and the oldest is pushing back quite a bit on schoolwork today. The baby is screaming because he wants to scribble in older sister's math book. Girls fight over crayons. Is that a jury summons in my mailbox? And speaking of boxes, my inbox boasted 400 emails this morning. Better add it to the list - but who has time when I need to get bloodwork done this afternoon, better track down a babysitter and B tells me that his bed is broken, probably from jumping on it too much, which makes some sense. It doesn't look like I'll ever get to those fingerprints on the windows and I better start defrosting dinner, but not until after I change a diaper and is it really lunchtime already? Husband will be home soon and look at this place.  Play-Do flecks the floor I thought I just swept and when was the last time everyone around here got a bath?

Days like this - well, almost every day, threaten to overwhelm.  And I'll let you in on a secret: no one ever gets it all done.  And if they do, if there does exist such a super mom, I'd like to know how much sleep she is getting, and who is reading to her babies and kissing her husband when he comes in the door, because it isn't her.

Still, even though I assure and reassure myself that this is all still good, still worthwhile, still blessing abundant, sometimes it feels like one failed day list after another.

During these times, slowly walk to your overflowing trash can and pop that list in.  Erase it from your thoughts.  Do the next thing.  And then the thing after that.  And keep doing what is in front of you every moment, every day.  Its all you can do - remember to whisper a prayer in between.  And know that just doing the next thing is good enough.

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  1. This is hitting home for me today.
    "I'm hungry."
    "Mamaaaaa! I peed my pants, and socks!"
    Spit up on the floor
    A freshly adorned shirt minutes later used as a napkin for a face covered in chili.

    I'm spending time praying today, a lot. :)

  2. Perfectly said Lydia! This is my life - my everyday - somehow made sacred when seeing it through your keen lense. How can I say thank you, for putting into such sweet words, a day in your life which resonates so profoundly with my own? I hope you know what a blessing you are and how deeply you touch the hearts of momma's like me with posts like these.

  3. This is the life of every mom, isn't it? But, for me, it is the only life I ever wanted. My dream come true! Many prayers get whispered to heaven throughout my days. If it wasn't for the strength given to me by my Heavenly Father, I don't know how I would have survived somedays. :)

    Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us!

  4. Even when they're older--teens and tweens--I get a lot of the same surprises and diversions that require reactionary maneuvers. So I do a lot of "the next thing," even now. Speaking of which, I think I need to run the washer--I forgot to deal with a load of reds that has been sitting there a day too long. :)

    Ann Kroeker
    Content Editor


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