Friday, March 4, 2011

Melissa Larue Photography {Giveaway} WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Today's Winner is Liz P.  Liz, please send me an email to LydiaJWill at gmail dot com to claim your prize.  Thank you to everyone who participated!

Today's Giveaway is Sponsored by Melissa Larue Photography

LJW: How did you get started in photography?

ML: About three years ago I joined a group online full of moms that were photographers as well. I grabbed my simple point and shoot camera and started learning all the basics of photography. My goal was to take better photos of my girls. After I really got into it, I realized that I found so much joy in capturing moments that would otherwise be forgotten in time.

I scrounged up the money to buy my first DSLR and starting asking everyone if I could take their photos. I was portfolio building for about two years before I decided to officially start my business. Melissa LaRue Photography was launched in September of 2010, and let me tell you….it has been a whirlwind experience. I have been blessed to have the greatest clients in the world, who have helped me continue to grow as a photographer and a person as well.

LJW: How do you manage running a business and running a household?

ML: I don’t know, to be honest. This is something that I am still trying to figure out. On the days where I  am totally caught up with clients and processing sessions, my house usually looks like a tornado ran through it. On the days where my house is clean (who am I kidding, with kids is it ever clean?) I usually have a stack of papers to be filed, unanswered emails, unprocessed photos, etc.
The truth is, no one can really do it all. When we are succeeding in one area there is usually another lacking. The only goal I have for myself with this adventure is to always put my girls first. I very rarely opt to work on photos instead of playing with my girls, so that leaves me up late at night with a lot of work to be done. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love photography, and I love the people I photograph. 
Melissa is generously giving away 1 free 1 hour photo session ($150 value).  She is also offering 20% off to Smalltown Simplicity readers who book a session before March 31st (sessions available through June 15th).  Thank you, Melissa!
To Enter: Comment below with your dream photo session location, and share this post on facebook, twitter, or your blog.

Thank you!

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  1. Melissa's photo's capture more than a moment in time-they capture the love and emotion that the family feels in the moment. Thanks to Lydia for giving her more PR!

  2. I love taking pictures of my girls because they are changing so fast I want to hold on to those memories of them. I really want to get some pictures taken of them (and our family) on the farm with the cows and barns in the background. Great giveaway Lydia!

  3. I enjoyed looking at Mel's newborn pictures. They are adorable. My family isn't the studio type:) I love the outdoor settings and natural postures of Melissa's photos. Our family would love to have pictures taken in Depot Town. It is one of our favorite places to explore.

  4. Mel's baby pictures are absolutely beautiful! I would love to have outdoor family portraits taken at Riverside Park near the river. So pretty! Shared on FB.


  5. This probably won't work for me as I live in Texas...but her photography is amazing! I love all the shots! We just had our 5th baby 2months ago and we have no picutres of all of us including my husband and myself (as one of us is always holding the camera =)! We love all photos outside! Thanks for posting this! I have been so encouraged by your blog!

  6. We don't have any recent outdoor family photos...anything outside would be wonderful. What BEAUTIFUL newborn photos!

  7. Melissa was our wedding photographer last year. She was and is amazing. Her work just keeps getting better and better.

    I'll stay out of the running for the giveaway so that others can get a chance to work with her. But even if you don't win this contest...hire her! You won't regret it!

    We will definitely be using her again in the future!

  8. Thanks for the heads up Lyd! I would love anything outdoors, especially in front of a cool bright colored wall. Our family is in desperate need of a family pic since we added a new family member 18months ago!

  9. Hoping to win for our family photograph. We want a picture outdoors, maybe Depot Town :)

  10. Just wanted to say congrats to Melissa! She is an awesome photographer and an amazing friend! I obviously live too far away to be in the running but anyone who wins will be one lucky person! You wont regret your experience with her!

    ~Brittany Carper

  11. wow. 10 commenters? i have a chance. I'd love photographs on UM campus. Love ML's ability to teach herself photography... Liz P.

  12. Oooh, what a great giveaway. I've already heard great things about her. I'm not sure where my dream location would be, but it would most definitely be somewhere outdoors - maybe Depot Town to show my Ypsi Pride!

  13. We have just adopted a very handsome little boy and would LOVE to get some awesome portraits of our new family. And I am in love with Melissa LaRue's style! I'd love to win this giveaway *crosses fingers*

    My dream location would be at a movie theater with one of the old fashion marque signs. Get some photos outside and then some inside the auditorium. Or at a drive in theater! How awesome would that be?! A blanket, maybe a couple of chairs, and of course Coke and popcorn! I have no idea if it would even be possible to do that...but that's my dream loaction!

  14. Wow! Can't believe I won this. I never win anything?! Lydia, I just wanted to take the time to say how much I appreciate reading the positive messages that you send forth via your blog, FB and other venues. Love watching you blossom and grow in Him!!



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