Thursday, March 17, 2011

This Week...

This week sees us at the beginning of our 3 birthdays in 11 days extravaganza.  While trying to keep track of who wants which kind of cake, which color decorations go with which birthday and tracking down the birthday crowns I made last year, I've also been trying to take moments for myself to truly enjoy and remember those special days when 3 babes made their watery way from womb to world.

Each child, whether they be number 1 or number 4, changes their mother and introduces something new and spectacular to the world around them.  Each one of these births I am reminiscing about are so unique and precious.  During these days of cake baking and gift wrapping, I'm trying to remember to celebrate the gifts I've been given - time, however fleeting, which these precious people.

Today saw beautiful warm weather, which was such a blessing.  My kids played out in it nearly all day, with my oldest not coming in until nearly 8 pm.

So this week, I am

  • Baking chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cakes, respectively.
  • finishing up birthday knitting and other fun homemade gifts.
  • trying to keep the house somewhat sanitary as guests make their way in and out.
  • enjoying the slight warm up by pushing my littles on the swings.
  • preparing to spend the weekend enjoying family.
  • reminding myself to relax and extend hospitality where I am, how I am - imperfect and messy, with several small children attached.

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  1. I can relate! I have 4 birthdays in the month of March. My grandmothers we celebrated on the daughters was hubands is this sunday, the 20th...and my dads is tuesday the 22nd! :)Busy, busy, busy, but oh so grand being with family and friends celebrating so much love over the course of just a few weeks!
    Blessings to you and your little ones during your time of celebration! And you are right...I am also celebrating the gifts I have been given! SO blessed!! :)

  2. Amy - can you imagine the teasing I endured when 3 of my children were born within 11 days? A lot of people wanted to know "so what happens in June?" hehe.

    Not only do we have my kids 3 birthdays, but my husband's sister and my son share a birthday. Lots of family love to be sure!


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