Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Color Purple

Although it may sound ridiculous now, with every other 2 year old I meet being named "Lydia," when I was growing up I only knew 2 people with that name - both relatives of mine.

In response to learning my name, people usually had one of three reactions: butchering the pronunciation so badly it made me cringe (Lay-dia, Linda, L-eye-dia), embarrassing me horribly by singing "Lydia the Tattooed Lady" loudly (and occasionally off-key) or lecturing me on the origins of the name.

The latter was mostly older folks, those who knew their bible and thought, for some reason, that a girl named Lydia because it was a bible name would have never heard the story behind the name.  I would smile and say "oh...wow" while yawning inwardly.  "Did you know she sold purple?  Yeah, in the New Testament!"  No, really...I had no idea....

Perhaps despite being regaled with the tale of Lydia from the bible, I actually love the color purple.  It was, for a very long time, my very favorite.  Imagine how pleased I am now that there have been a lot of purple projects going on around here.

I had  purchased some purple yarn through a co-op with the idea of making myself a sweater.  I have never made myself a sweater, so it seemed to be a good idea, and purple seemed to be the right color.  As I am a bit older than six, I am drawn to deeper purples these days - more plummy, or of the mulberry variety.  This beautiful purple color is more toward a brown, and I absolutely love it.

After making substantial headway during the first day of knitting on it, I was thinking it will be done in time to be my birthday sweater...and was then promptly distracted by knitting lovely baby things.  As of this writing (and yes, it is my birthday), the sweater has one and a half sleeves.  It will not be ready to be worn on my birthday, but perhaps this weekend when we go out to celebrate, I will be wearing it.

Which works nicely, of course.  A purple sweater for a "Lydia"'s birthday celebration.  It just makes sense.

(I will post pictures of the finished product when they become available!)

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  1. Happy Birthday Lydia! I have always loved the name Lydia and even considered it for my daughter, but my hubby liked Emma better. Maybe for the next one! :)
    May you have a wonderful day!
    Looking forward to seeing the finished sweater project!

  2. Yesterday I was thinking about a purple cloak I made in college and, upon meeting a youth minister on campus while wearing it, simply saying "My name is Lydia." (A bit superhero-ish, that.)
    A good friend likes to tell me that the Biblical Lydia was an independent business woman. And, by the way, I kinda miss near-strangers singing "Lydia the Tattooed Lady."

  3. Happy Birthday! I love the Color Purple. The University I went to (Canadian) had "Purple and Proud" as it's motto. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you borrowed it for your special day! Make sure you post a pic of your finished "me-gift"

  4. Happy birthday! (today is my birthday,too, happy to know I'm in good company!) :) And I had a dear Aunt named Lydia, I love the name :)

  5. Happy Birthday! Oh and if it makes you feel better every time I tell my husband about your post I read. He always sings "Lydia the Tattooed Lady" :)

  6. Happy Birthday Elizabeth! I hope your day was full of love!

  7. Happy Birthday! We named our oldest daughter Lydia! I have always loved the name. I had never even heard of the song about the tattooed lady until after we had our daughter, now I hear it too often!!!

  8. Lydia is a beautiful name! I have always loved purple. Can't wait to see your finished sweater!


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