Tuesday, June 14, 2011

:Daily Walk:

Every day, in late afternoon, I take a walk.

It is usually during that period between the end of Jonah's afternoon nap and the beginning of dinnertime.  The time of day when things begin to cool, and slow, down.

I'm not one for getting up early and getting "quiet time" in.  And once you have several non-nappers to your one napper, afternoons lose that quiet time charm as well.  Bedtimes have naturally become a little later than during the dark winter months, leaving me snoozing on the couch when the kids have finally settled down.  Thus, quiet time evades me, except for my late afternoon walk.

As always, I have an entourage.  But seated in their little green wagon, the youngers are mostly quiet.  They might sing a made up song here and there, or grab at bits of leaves and sticks along the way, but they are usually content to just ride and watch the world go by.  The bigger kids either ride bikes or scooters or skip along side.

Its not a long walk, just a short turn around the few blocks of our town's historical district.  I've walked these streets and known these houses since childhood, so its not even a very interesting walk, for me.  But I love it because the breeze ruffles my hair and the sun spatters my face and I can breathe - and think - and pray.

My "quiet time" is a 20 minute walk around my neighborhood.  Its then that I can truly organize my thoughts and return to that center that I need so much.  Once we turn down our gravel driveway, I'm refreshed and ready for what comes next.

How do you manage to find a quiet space amidst the chaos of raising youngsters?

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  1. I jot down thoughts in my diary or read. I don't do it every day, but every couple days I instate "quiet time" where the boys go in their room while I sit on the couch and get some time in with my thoughts.

  2. When I don't get my reading or quiet time in the morning I have starting having my twins grab a blanket and a few books. They will then sit quietly on their reading blankets and it gives me time to read and rest. Considering how active they are, I am always shocked and thrilled at how quietly they will sit and read.

  3. I love this. The idea of a quiet walk with the kids is completely alien to me. How can I make that happen?

  4. I do exactly as you do - talk a walk with my son in his stroller. I love the down time and being outside is important for both of us.

    I also spend a few minutes writing in my journal each night. It really helps me put the current day to bed and prepare for the next day.

  5. Although my older two children don't nap anymore, they still go play in their rooms (together or separately) for one hour every afternoon while their little sister naps. That's when I get my quiet time. I used to be able to get up early and spend some time by myself in a quiet house (how lovely!!), but I'm so tired with this pregnancy that it's hard to get out of bed.

  6. A quiet walk is a great idea! I used to do that with my toddler before my youngest was born. Now that he's not napping anymore, I should start it up again! :)



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