Thursday, July 7, 2011

To All The Mamas: It Gets Better

I remember so well bringing that first babe home from the hospital.  The adjustments that followed, finding our way from two free adults to one family unit.  With your first baby, the changes loom large, a huge mountain of new realities with precious little time with which to adapt to it all.  Not only does this squirmy, sobbing, non-verbal new person seem to make little sense, but you yourself change so much - physically, mentally, emotionally.  You don't sleep.  3 AM sees all the lights on in the house, baby squalling and you near tears, begging the child to latch on, or burp, or do something to settle down.

After an initiation like that, its no wonder that welcoming another (or more!) can make many Mamas shake in their boots.  The first time is hard.

But I'm here with a little on in my lap to tell you all - It Gets Better.

For me, it took having more than one child to truly be able to enjoy having a newborn.  The first time is such a whirlwind and so incredibly exhausting, each day can quickly become just something to get through.  You don't go back to square one with each baby, uncertain and unsure.  You bring your bag of tricks with you.  And something magical happens:  You realize that you are capable.  That you know how to fix the problems your newborn throws at you.  You have your "Mom of Many" repetoire and you seamlessly slip your new addition into those well rehearsed rhythms.  You are sold out to motherhood, used to how your body and emotions morph and change during these different seasons.

It gets so much better.  I can't even describe it.  Having a newborn is, for me, pure pleasure.  It wasn't always that way, and it wouldn't be that way now if I hadn't slogged through those hard and long early days.  The lights stay off at night.  I get good chunks of sleep.  The diapers and laundry just aren't that big of a deal any more.  And I can look in a mirror and think I look just fine for having 5 babies.

The secret is accepting what is, refusing to resist that this is what life is right now - post partum belly, baby spit up and all.  Once you can fully embrace the beauty of right now, you can truly enjoy every moment of it.  If you are wondering if you could possibly handle another, I'm telling you that yes, you can.  You just have to dive in.

Right now, I am.

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  1. Ah yes. I just literally 5 min ago had this conversation with a poor overwhelmed client whose babe is 3 days old. It does really get so much better. And oh the lessons, some joyful some painful, that we learn along the way. Enjoy the babymoon girl!

  2. Oh my goodness, how true!! I just came to this realization myself having just had my second. Thank you for sharing. I'm ggoing to share this on facebook so my currently pregnant friends can read it :)

    Congratulations again!

  3. I heartily agree! I've done it only 4 times now but yes, you do learn so much and just knowing "it'll get better" is such reassurance.

  4. So true. Now that we're on our third I realize that I CAN get sleep, I CAN do this. Really the issues a newborn has are small. They only need such simple things. It's definitely pure pleasure. :)

  5. So very true! And so very sad that so many mamas miss out on more blessings!

  6. I'm amazed at how little sleep my body can function with. Hubby Needs his sleep. God is so wise to make us the mommies :)

  7. I Love a newborn, the precious innocense and the cuddly softness, it is awesome that you are doing so well. take care and rest when you can.

  8. Thank you for the reminder! Our second baby is due in about 6 weeks, and my husband and I were just talking about this last night. Hoping we've learned a few things and knowing it can't be as hard as when we had never done it before!

  9. I couldn't agree more. So beautifully said Lydia ;)

  10. It's so true, it does seem easier in many ways after your first. After having my second (and that being a much easier transition than having my first), I wondered at what I thought was so hard about "just" having a newborn (with no other toddlers to worry about too!). And now with my third, I feel the same way. What in the world did I think was so hard and overwhelming when it was just me and the first little babe?!? Funny how your perspective changes...!

  11. I just became your 133 follower! My aunt deanna from Creekside Cottage shared this post w/me. Congratulations on the newest addition! What a cute picture :) Praise the Lord you are obeying the Lords 1st commandment 'be fruitful & multiply'! What blessings come from obedience!

    I see we have some things in common... We love kids, want a large family, I'm learning more about wool, so far we’ve only used wool cloth diaper covers. Also I noticed your profile says interest in natural health/living as am I. My health blog is

    God Bless


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