Monday, October 24, 2011

There Will Be Those Days

There will be those days when the constant demands and responsibilities send you spiraling.  There will be those days when the tears are just below the surface, and there will be those days when they can't be held in at all.  There will be those days when its so hard to smile and there will be those days when the outlook is looking bleak.  There will be those days when you wonder if anyone truly sees you at all, or if you've somehow disappeared along the way.

Yes, there will be those days.  Weeks, months sometimes, too.  And yet -

There's someone who always there beside you, watching it all go down.  There's Someone drying your tears away, one who holds you close in His arms.  There's a truth below the surface there, and on all days this much is true:

Every day Someone is out there who absolutely adores you.

A tough week, this.  Sitting quietly here and watching how He loves.

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  1. Love this Lyd! and the picture of Beefy is precious.

  2. Love this song... I imagine my name as well as my kids names and am so humbled each time.

  3. Lydia,
    Thank you for the reminder. I have been feeling so alone and down and it is good to remeber that God is always here and we are never truly alone.

  4. I've had a couple of bad days over the last week or two and really needed this. This is one of my absolute favorite David Crowder Band songs. It was my phone ringtone for the last few years. The intensity of the song - conveying that love that God has for us - is overwhelming and humbling. Why does he care for us? Even love us? But he does and it is truly awesome. Thank you.


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