Tuesday, October 18, 2011

When It All Comes Down...

It doesn't matter if I bake bread daily, or make every meal from scratch.  It doesn't matter if I garden, can, knit, sew.  It doesn't matter if my floors are immaculate, or if the baby wears cloth diapers.  It doesn't matter if the hampers are empty, if the children are schooled at home.

None of it is the measure of me as a mother.

How easily distracted I can become!  My priorities become all skewed and then suddenly, patting the baby to sleep, I'm shaken awake by this -

When it all comes down to it, the most important thing I do today is tell them two things:

"I love you, a million times over.  And Jesus loves you even more."

Everything else, while lovely and wonderful, pales in comparison.

Focus on the most important things with me?  Speak love.

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  1. Oh how true... I always tell my kids that Mama loves them more than they know and Jesus loves them more than that!

  2. I always tell my kiddos:Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you, but Jesus loves you even more!

  3. Well said, and thank you for once again writing just what I need to read. I tend to get so worked up over the details that I get stressed and frazzled and consequently less patient and loving with the children. Backward, backward mama. Thanks for reminding me!!

  4. Wonderful truth. It is very easy to lose sight and try to do everything we "should" do, these priorities we make for ourselves.


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