Friday, December 2, 2011

::Right Now::

::Right Now I am::

~ realizing Dinah is beginning to lose interest in going to be each night with her hair tied up for curls.  The novelty has worn off and we're not even yet done with ballet performances.  The makeup isn't so bad, or so she tells me.

~planning Christmas gift giving, still.  This year has been a bit slower to get rolling.

~ beginning to wonder how sustainable having one car is for a family of our size.

~ looking forward to having ballet done with for the season

~dejunking around the house before we pull out all the Christmas glory

~ yearning for a bit of peace this season, leaving the rush and bustle to others and just enjoying Advent.

~ knitting a sweater for my nephew and realizing Peter's Christmas stocking may not get done in time for Christmas.

~listening to "A Very She and Him Christmas" and digging up my old recording of Handel's Messiah.

~Wishing that we get some snow for Christmas - this dusting isn't cutting it.

~Planning on finishing that quilt next week.

And you?

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  1. Beautiful little girl, how in the world do you do all that 'creating' with the children? I guess it might be your way to relax?

  2. I've been wondering about the She and Him Christmas album. How do you like it? I am afraid my nine month old is not going to have stocking either unless I jump on it now. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I hope you got some heavier snow now! : ) I just looked at my friend's in eastern MI's photos of the snow they got and it is beautiful!!!

  4. hang in there!! it's so difficult to keep things truly simple at Christmas...just try to enjoy it all!

  5. Thoughts - yes, it is my way to relax! And I'd rather craft than, say, clean. Ah well! G - I like it! My husband bought it in google music on sale for just a few dollars but I really am enjoying it. Katie - alas, no heavy snow yet! Though it is snowing now.... Susanna - yes, trying to keep it simple! Happy and simple - my favorite!


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