Wednesday, December 21, 2011

These Days...

Over here, we're

~wrapping Christmas presents as quickly as they come in. The stack in the back of my closet gives me such a thrill, I can't help but peek at it each time I pass by the room.

~listening to Christmas music all day long. Today's selection? Handel's Messiah.

~working on getting the house thoroughly cleaned for a party to be hosted Friday night.

~trying to keep on top of my two load minimum of daily laundry, thinking toward packing a family of 7 for a trip next week.

~dancing around the dining room turned ballroom when Mama took down the table to make room for more people.

~feeling oddly peaceful for being this close to Christmas. No rushing. No stress. Its marvelous.

~looking forward to family coming into town and the next week or so of gatherings and celebrations with those we love so dearly.

In light of so very much doing, I'll be bowing out of this space for a few days. 

May your Christmas season be filled abundantly with love, reflecting that of the One who IS love and who's feet touched earth in a radical act of devotion to YOU.

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