Thursday, February 2, 2012


I skipped the gym today. When the alarm beeped loud and I leapt up to keep it from waking up the baby, I remembered that my workout clothes had never been switched from washer to dryer. It felt good to clambor back into bed, into that warmed up spot between chubby baby and still-slumbering husband.

But that's where the poetry of my morning ended.  Due to heading back to bed,  I got up later - and badly.  My oldest was burning eggs downstairs in a valiant attempt at making breakfast for his siblings.  The garbage truck came and I discovered that someone had forgotten to take the trash out...again.  The four year old took one of the two year old's snacks and he pulled her hair and she hit him and they both screamed and I discovered there were no coffee filters.

I think that's when I lost it and added my own bad behavior to the mix.  Because that fixes everything, right?

I tend to look at things positively, because for the most part I know that this life is a charmed one.  These are all what I'd call "first world problems."  I'm blessed and I know it.

But still, there are those days (like this) when its hard to see the bigger picture.  Days that I just do not want to fight with a child about his math work, or clean up the peanut butter smeared on the walls by the toddler.  Days where I just wish they would find someone else to ask for every.little.thing.  Yes, I have those days.  We all do.

Still, the work is before me to be done.  Laundry and dishes do not care if I am feeling particularly domestic; they demand to be dealt with.  So children must be attended to and bills must be paid on time and on and on. So, I'm bolstering up and trying to focus on the positive.  And in that light, I'm going to share a few things I'm enjoying these days.

~"Weightless - Making Peace with Your Body" - a book a dear friend bought for me on my kindle.  Written from a Catholic perspective yet chock full of information valuable to any woman who has grown up in this culture of warped body image.

~Reading Eggs - a website for early readers on up through comprehension.  A friend recommended it and my kids cannot get enough.

~ Amy Butler Midwest Modern "Fresh Poppies" - the fabric I think I am going to turn into dining room curtains.

~Pinterest - oh yes, I finally joined up.  Find me there!

Well now, I feel a bit better.  Off to drink the coffee I made from a rinsed out filter and take possession of this day.

What are you loving these days?

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  1. Hi there, I subscribe in my google reader, but do not comment much. Enjoyed your post this morning. Was just telling my husband how I'd love to be up and dressed before the boys. Ha! I think I may have to wait until they are a bit bigger to get that to happen, but it is a goal nonetheless. I was trying to find you on Pinterest, but could not. What are you under? I searched for Lydia and Small Town Simplicity to no avail. Thanks!
    - Gloria

  2. Awe! You should have come here again ;) Sorry you had a rough morning. Maybe it's the weather? I'm just...down. Like you I know I'm blessed but I *feel* down. Still, so honored to know you and continue to be inspired by your devotion to faith, family, and friends. And jealous of your craftiness ;) But happy to be the recipiant of it none the less :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the info about Reading Eggs...looks great!Going to look into it for my kids! I tried to also find you on Pinterest, but had no luck. I searched by your name and blog name...but nothing! :)

  4. If you run out of filters again, you can use a disposable napkin or paper towel as a substitute! (although I rarely buy those, sometimes I can find one left over from a party!) just a tip. And I love the family closet / shared room idea. We only have two little ones so far,and our older girl loves having her little brother in her room.


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