Friday, March 30, 2012

Blessed to Bless

She's got a baby on her hip and she's placing Jonah's breakfast carefully in front of him.  Later, she goes upstairs to get dressed and makes up my bed too, just because.

She goes out back and pushes the toddler on the swings.  She brushes her sister's hair.  She stands next to me and folds laundry.

Most of these things, I never taught her.

At least, not intentionally.

It's really something when a young girl watches the women role models in her life, and, in doing so, learns to serve.  I watch her put her arm around her sister's shoulder as they read a book together on the couch and marvel at how life has a way of working it's way out.  How just living life here, serving my family, could yield the blossom of such a beautiful flower.

She's fresh and new and hasn't learned yet to downgrade caring for others to drudgery.  As I watch her, I make a mental note to adopt some of that joy - and see the care and keeping of these souls and this home as the privilege it is.  She doesn't know yet that the world does not value this work - that a life poured out in service and sacrifice is considered worthless.  She is at that precious time when Truth is so apparent, and she knows what so many others miss - that being a blessing is a blessing.  She tells me so.

"Mom, I love getting Jonah dressed in the morning and helping him get his shoes on.  It feels so good to help."

It's the end of the day and I sit nursing the baby.  She comes out of nowhere and places a glass of ice water in front of me.  Our eyes meet, and we exchange a smile.  Yes, she's learning.

I am, too.


  1. What a sweet girl! She learned that from you! As Ann Voskamp says "more is caught than taught"! Good job MOM!!

  2. Yes! Much more is caught than taught. It is a sobering yet joyful thought!! God bless your day!

  3. Lyd- I have mixed thoughts when I read this. As an oldest daughter I bear a lot of resentment for the expectations that were placed on me to serve as second mother/housewife when I was growing up. When I hear about young girls doing these things, there's a bit of panic that I feel....concern for their long term emotional well being...and concern that they too will already be tired of the work of mothering by the time they have their own. What gives me joy in this is that it appears that she is doing much of this without being asked or expected...that it is coming from her own desire, and that is lovely.

  4. I completely understand your reserve, Kristen! I think there definitely has to be a balance there - and in most families I know, there is. I don't think that requiring children to "pitch in" around the house is unacceptable, but working them to death and expecting them to take responsibility for their parents choices is. In our family, the more you help out, the more special opportunities for freedom and "down time" you get. When my bigs work hard during the day and I have no problem saying "YES!" when they want to go play with friends in the afternoon, or stay up late to watch a movie with their Dad. There absolutely must be a balance that allows children to be children while raising them to be self-giving and hardworking. I hope I communicated this rightly. Much love to you!

  5. I love this! I was just like her when I was little, Lydia. I babysat and everything for FREE. Loved babies, kids, and everything about being a mom. Now, many years (and 10 kids so far) later I'm still not burnt out. I see so much of how I was in her <3 And I'm sure you strike the perfect balance. In fact, I know you do.

  6. I love the gentleness with which this is transpiring.

    May God continue to lead each of us....gently, as He always does.

  7. Lydia,

    I think the cultivation of a servant heart is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. In becoming more like Jesus everyday, it is something asked of us. You are doing it gently and with your role modeling. That is what it is. She sees you and she adores the work. To her, it isn't work at all. It is a tremendous testimony to your mothering what your little girl is doing because she WANTS to. You are an amazing mama. Keep up the good, eternal work.

  8. This is just lovely. What am amazing example you are setting for her. And her for you :) I agree, the joy in which are children do things that to us may not be that joyful anymore is amazing and definitely something I want to emulate. They take such care and joy in doing for others. Such special moments.

    Wishing you and your family a lovely weekend.

  9. Such a blessing to watch their little mama hearts blossom.


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