Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This Moment

This moment, there's a roast in the oven, warm laundry folded in a basket, swept floors and wiped counters. In this moment, there are 4 kids playing out in the sunshine after a morning of school and chores. This morning there's afternoon coffee and a book waiting on my kindle after I finish making up the beds. This moment there is a baby sleeping (sleeping!) in my backpack. 

There are lots of moments around here. Moments where I procrastinate on dinner, or let the laundry pile up, or ignore the mess.  There are moments when the kids fight and the baby cries and I just want one quiet moment alone and can't seem to find it. God is so good, to sprinkle the good moments in with the not so good ones. The hard days with happy. Grace! 

 There are hymns playing softly in the background and I'm lighting a candle and inhaling the lilacs my son brought in from the tree out back.

No matter what comes next, thankful for just this moment.

(Hey there! I've got some new posts queued up, just waiting on a new card reader to show up in the mail. More goodness to come soon!)



  1. It sounds like an amazing moment. :) I miss the smell of lilacs so much! I haven't smelled them since I moved to Mexico almost 8 years ago. God has blessed me with the smell of orange blossoms in their place. Not the same but they still bring a smile to my face. Blessings to you today Lydia!

  2. Sounds like the perfect moment, enjoy!

  3. That lovely picture of clean, folded diapers, plus this post, just made my day...uh, I mean...just made my bed time :)

    One day I pray my little ones can play outside freely without me having to worry if they will wander out into the busy road or be snatched by apartment neighbors I don't know.

    God bless, Lydia!

  4. Wonderful perspective of the small things. Found you on High Calling and was glad I popped over!

    Amanda Hill


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