Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quick Takes

~ The onions are up.  Potatoes too.  The kale, collards and lettuce are continuously eaten to nubs by the groundhog.  I put in marigolds to dissuade him but he responded by tearing the blooms off of each and every one.  I consider it to be a groundhog-sized tantrum.  That's ok, because those little bean plants are popping out of the ground like magic.  One minute nothing, the next a little sprout!  This garden is turning out to be so much fun for all of us.

~ I'm trying to stick with a previously unstated goal of spending at least an hour a day on yardwork.  Either on the garden, or other random upkeep.  So far, so good.  I love being outside.

~ The kids are turning a glorious golden brown color and it's not even Memorial Day weekend yet.  I need or order more of this sunblock.  Am I the only one who is a bit nervous about what this means for the rest of the summer?

~ I am slowly but surely making progress on a little summer sweater for Dinah.  Fiona has already requested her own, and the yarn for that is on standby.  But this is slow going.  Inches and inches and inches of stockinette stitch.  After these sweaters, I am going to need something with a bit more excitement to it, I think.  Still, nothing like mindless knitting for sitting 'round a bonfire in the evening.

~ I finally procured some rhubarb.  I need to plant some for next year.  I can't decide whether to bake this, or this, or...well, I guess I'll just have to buy more and make them all!

~Jonah has morphed from my sous chef into my gardening protege.  He rejoices at the discovery of each and every creepy crawlie we come across and names them all "Nemo," for reasons that I can only guess at.

~This weekend we are attending a Highland Festival in Alma, Michigan.  My older brother will be competing.  Growing up, we went to quite a few of these most summers, but Alma was always my favorite.  I am so looking forward to sharing this fun experience with my little ones!

~ The big kids are working for pocket money.  Every day they go around the neighborhood, looking to see who needs a hand (and are rewarded handsomely).  It is so fun to see them working hard and coming home with pockets of dollars and coins to save up for various summer adventures.

Yes, from here things are going very well.  Each evening I do my walkaround and feel that cool Spring breeze drifting through the open window and think wow...yes, all is well.  All is good.  These days, there's just so much to be thankful for.


  1. The sweater looks lovely and so do your gardens. We are loving being outside as much as we can - in the garden, playing, dining...pretty much anything we can do outside we are :)

    Love that your kids are out looking for ways to earn some pocket money, I remember doing this as a kid, so much fun and you meet so many great people.

    Soak it all in and enjoy!

  2. Hey I graduated from Alma College! I know all about the Highland Festival!! Tell your brother good luck! The sweater looks great! I am a very novice knitter and love seeing your work :)

    Glad things are going so well!


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