Monday, June 11, 2012

Gratitude Monday

And which of you by being anxious can add one cubit unto the measure of his life?
Matthew 6:27

I tapped the words out last night, right into the chat box on facebook.

"It just seems like there's always a mountain of worries."  The decisions about school and jobs and churches and family.  There are hardly enough hours in the day to do what needs to be done, much less to think ahead!

And that sweet friend of mine, she wrote back:

"Don't let worrying about next winter rob you of your summer.  Don't let worry rob you of your peace.  We need that peace to raise these children."

I know she's right. { She usually is. }  So I log off facebook and take up that pen and remember that peace can come straight from contentment - something not possible without a heaping dose of gratitude.

My pen fills the page and that peace fills my heart.  There ain't no (stress) mountain high enough, no stresses and worries that could keep me from seeing it spelled right out there on the page - the grace of this moment.

For this weekend,

~ "Alone" time on a Saturday morning, just J, Peter and me.  We ate a leisurely breakfast at Beezy's and walked hand in hand to the hardware store for sprinklers and hoses and yard waste bags.  Romantic, no?

~ 4 kids smiling brightly, waving flags in a parade and eating too much candy.

~My parents, for urging me to get up, get out, live life and give these kids truly awesome experiences.

~ The first day trip of the summer - a Lake Huron excursion on a hot day, just the ticket.  All those wet, sandy, slathered kids just bursting with joy.  Letting it all hang out.

~ Groundhog baby number 4, trapped and shipped off like his siblings.  Hopeful my garden will experience a turn around!

~ Quiet weekend crafting - just letting my mind and creativity lead me wherever it wanted to.  A couple birthday themed items for a soon to be birthday boy, and a little baby girl bonnet just because.

~The need to amend that last one with "Nothing to report."  Because I know you'll ask.  And honestly? I love that you do!

~For a busy, happy, full week up ahead.  Kicking off with some fun strawberry picking, then a baseball tournament, picnic and awards ceremony.  A graduation party for my cousin.  A playdate with a close friend.  And, best of all? A surprise visit from some family members I've been missing so, so much.  Yes, this week will be so good.

There will always be cause to stress and fret and worry.  There will always be opportunities for hand wringing and anxiety.  But one way to banish it all is to reflect on the goodness of the One who's got this all figured out, give thanks for the graces and release the rest into His care.


  1. ~The need to amend that last one with "Nothing to report." Because I know you'll ask. And honestly? I love that you do!

    I laughed so long after reading that because it's as if you read my mind!!! My thoughts immediately jumped to wondering if another sweet little Will was quietly taking shape in secret. <3

    I love this entry, as I love all of your entries as well as you, Lydia. Thank you for being a light unto my path and the paths of so many others. I don't expect you to be perfect or to have all the answers, but being able to follow your example keeps me on the right path much better than I ever could on my own.

    1. Wow, Bex, I'm...speechless. I am so honored by your comment! Thank you so much! You are a blessing to me and I'm so glad we're friends :-).


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