Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crazy Summer Days

I knew our long, lazy days of summer were numbered, but the rate with which our rhythm changed has taken my breath away.  This week it seems we are spending more off the home base than on it.  I'm getting up earlier and earlier and going to bed later and later just to squeeze in (some) of the essentials like laundry and dishes before we dash off to the next thing.  I'm thankful for kids and a husband who don't complain (much) that dinners are a hodge podge of whatever I have in the fridge.  There are weddings to attend, a boy to pack off to camp (and all the important shopping that goes along with that), berries to pick and campaigning to do.  Good things.  Important things.

Still, I'm left feeling a bit off kilter and, perhaps for the first time, understanding what "burning the candle at both ends" really means.  Looking ahead to the next four weeks, I find myself making mental notes next to the few and far between "free" days: "Don't Schedule Anything!"  It reminds me that, beginning in August, we start the slow roll toward school and extra curriculars starting up again.  And although this summer has been hot and not quite my cup of tea, I'm not quite ready to go back to that...not yet.

So I'm fiercely guarding our free time.  I'm learning that it's ok to say "no" to things (even good things!) just to give myself space to breathe.  I am reminding myself to soak up this summer before it's gone for good.  As such, this space may be a little bit quieter in the coming weeks.  It's just my way of taking the quiet moments I have left and truly cherishing them.

How is your summer coming along?


  1. If you need help with anything just let me know! (Ben and I are free and willing!)

  2. So funny you posted this today because I have been having the same thoughts this week. As everything ripens in the garden, the freezer starts getting piled high with berries for the winter and August is fast approaching I kinda feel like saying STOP, slow down, it's going to fast.

    I decided today that this weekend there are no plans, we will just be, go with the flow, no rushing, just enjoy. And over the next month, the same thing, trying to enjoy this summer and the freedom it brings before the routine begins again in the fall.

    Enjoy your time and your family.


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