Friday, July 13, 2012

I Will Remember

Today, I will remember that lectures may go in one ear and out the other, but kindness and understanding leaves an impression that will not fade away.

Today, I will remember that plans go awry more than they go as expected, and keeping a cool head always works better than losing it.

Today, I will remember that my kids don't want to disappoint me...and when they do, to deal gently with little souls who just plain got it wrong.

Today, I will remember that the state of my space does not define me as a mother or a person.

Today, I will remember that people come to see me, not my house.

Today, I will remember to smile, laugh and have fun.

Today, I will remember my goal is to give grace, charity, kindness and hospitality to all who enter this home.

Today, I will remember to be humble, not perfect.

Today, I will remember to remind my husband of all the reasons why he loves me.

Today, I will remember to thank my big kids for being such a big help.

Today, I will remember to be grateful for and content with the life I have been given.

For all of the times that I forget and fail, today I will try to remember.


  1. Wonderful Lydia!!!

  2. Love this. So true. We all get caught up in ourselves, that is common for this sin nature we war against. But all the things you are choosing to bring to rememberance, for us all, are putting others first. Others focused. So worthy to strive for. I'm with ya. One hour at a time!

    1. I've gotta set the goal high so I've got something to reach for! Yes, falling short all the time.

  3. Thank you, I too will try to remember all of these things, today and tomorrow.

    Printing this to hang on my fridge :)

    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Good to remember what's truly important. I feel pressed to always present the perfect home sometimes, as if preparing my home could ever mean more than preparing my heart to receive those who enter it. Thanks for the reminder, Lydia. I so enjoy your writing.

  5. It is always good 'to remember'... that is why God gave us the old testament to remember his faithfulness to us. LOVE your writing.


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