Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Peter wakes me before dawn, a new normal for us. I squint momentarily at the clock before scooping him up and making my way down the stairs, through the gloom.  I start the coffee while he digs through a toy basket and finds something to play with, so ready is he for this day to get started.

Later there will be laundry, lessons, dishes, cleaning, cooking and caring for this growing family.  My chores will take me all day.  I take a moment to plop down on the couch, pull my feet under me and just be in this moment, calm before the whirlwind of life.  I sip coffee and pray morning prayers.  Patience, wisdom, hope, kindness, generosity - all will be required of me today.  I take these moments to wake up to what matters, to center myself in God's purpose for me today.

Last but not least, I make my gratitude list, because a life filled with gratitude is a life lived in full joy.  I lay claim to this joy when I take a moment to see His grace in my life, seeping through each dusty crack like the early morning sunshine.  During these full and busy days, it is possible to forget, to miss it all.  Taking a few moments to jot these blessings down yields a day full of the satisfaction of knowing Him, seeing His hand in this small and simple life and drawing strength from the knowledge of His presence.  I need this, to make it through the hard work of the life He's given me.

Peter crawls up onto my lap, jostling my arm and planting a wet kiss on my cheek.  A good place to start, I think.

For today, 

~ The blessing of staying home with my children.  May I never forget what a true gift it is.

~Another year homeschooling, watching my children grow and learn every day, right before my eyes.

~Long days full of hard work

~Another wonderful person growing strong and healthy inside, another person to love before we meet.

~A husband who finds his own ways to bless me.

~Family nearby, always a thrill to be near them.

~Fall rhythm in our home, quiet and predictable.

~Lovely weather, warm food, flickering candles - the hallmarks of autumn at home.

~Jonah in the kitchen with me, making up warm meals for the family and filling those pre-dinnertime moments with his smile.

~Friends who are always available to talk for a moment when needed, who offer prayers and encouragement.  Who see my failings and love anyway.

Naming gratitude takes the gifts we've been given and offers them right back up from whence they came - and He takes them and rains down pure joy.

I shoulder mine as the sun rises and my day begins...

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