Friday, December 14, 2012

5 Practical Tips to Protect Your Peace This Season

It is just 10 days away from Christmas Eve, and you are holding onto your peace with both hands.  Even if you are working hard to focus on what really matters and not fall pray to over inflated expectations, Christmastime is still busy.  There just simply are extras, whether they are family gatherings or end of year concerts for little ones.  During this busy time, even those most committed to a peaceful and joy-filled Christmas may need a bit of help keeping on top of it all.  Here is a list of 5 things that have helped me protect my peace during the holidays.  Feel free to share your tips as well!

1) Make Ahead - With family coming into town immediately following Christmas, not to mention the family tradition of Christmas breakfast together, I'm going to be doing some extra baking and cooking of special treats.  In planning ahead and spending these last few Saturdays getting some extra cooking done, I can make some things ahead of time and freeze them, freeing up time when I'll want to be savoring moments with loved ones - not waiting for cinnamon rolls to rise.

2) Keep Up With Daily Chores
- This one is a bit more tough, with extra activities to attend, but if at all possible, keep up.  I'm trying to stay disciplined about getting laundry done, because I know that my personal peace can be stolen at the site of a menacing laundry pile.  I'm trying to get my daily things done first thing so that they don't hang over my head - and so if I need to take a few days off, I will only be a little bit behind.

3) Make A List - I tend to fly by the seat of my pants with a lot, and that can be particularly risky around Christmas time.  I hear about something fun going on and my first reaction is to toss everyone in the car and set off.  The problem with this is that it can lead to an overly frazzled and exhausted Mom, and there is nothing peaceful about that!  This year, I'm making a list of the things we would like to participate in - and then getting realistic and choosing just one per week.

4) Prioritize Prayer - I recently found my patience with my little ones was severely lacking.  It didn't take long to locate the source.  In all of the extras, my prayer life has taken a hit - and it shows.  And while this season of life with little ones all around does not make a 2 hour a day prayer life a possibility, I can (and should!) make sure that connecting with Jesus is still a priority.  I'm starting my days off now with a simple, "Jesus, I trust in you," followed by the sign of the cross, before I even get out of bed.  And let me tell you - it helps.  So much.

5) Gather In - Try to make sure you have at least one night per week where you are just home, together.  You can do a movie night in pajamas, read together, play games or just have a quiet evening at home.  This is a huge refresher for me, and I miss it so when we forget to make it a priority!

How are you protecting your peace this season?

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  1. With so much happening in the news these days it is so hard to preserve your peace. God is all we have and at this season of many sad things we rest in his deep abiding love.


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