Thursday, January 31, 2013


Tonight, I caught a glimpse.  The warm front pushed in and the snow melt caught on the breeze, mixing with the scent of a Springtime rain.

There's been a thaw, and the snowdrops are being tricked, deceived right out of their snug garden beds.  If I close my eyes, I know why.

The breeze blows that damp, earthy smell right over me.  A smell that will forever remind me of rain and sunshine and the 3 babies I welcomed in Spring.

Although I love all my babies equally, there is something precious to me about a Springtime baby.  July is downright miserable for welcoming newborns, heat and humidity forcing us indoors with fans and air conditioners blowing.  But in Spring, everything is perfect.  I can dress my little ones up in soft woolens and we can venture out, yes, or snuggle deep inside.  So many animals welcome babies in the Spring - and something just feels right about it.  A long deep winter of growing someone in a dark and secret place, only to present her on a brilliant Spring day, blinking in the warm sunlight.   Like a wobbly new lamb, greeting the world with exuberant cries.

Tonight I stand by the open window for just a moment, and I catch a glimpse of something I had yet to visualize.  Me, here, with someone new, watching a Spring rain out my window.  I'm feeling pretty full of baby these days, pushed against by a new set of hardening bones  doing their best to stretch right out.  My joints are beginning to feel wobbly and uncertain.  Things are changing. I am changing.

A false thaw, to be sure, but a true promise.  Soon.  To me, Spring and babies will always smell the same, both ripe with the promise that only new life can bring.

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  1. You just made me want to have another baby!

  2. Ditto to the first commenter. I'm finally getting to a place where I can start thinking, tentatively, about another baby. (My pregnancies are so hard that I would take double childbirth any day over gestating!) This post gives me such promise, such hope in the strength and beauty of this process. Thank you for this gift.

    1. I'll be praying for you, Laura! I'm thankful for relatively easy pregnancies and birth, but I can definitely feel the effects of the past 10 years of constant nursing and pregnancies...Getting a bit tired over here!

  3. it's funny--both my babies were born in october, so fall with pumpkins and orange/red leaves go hand-in-hand with babies for me. this new baby is coming in the spring, so it will be totally different!


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