Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Welcoming Sponsors to Small Town Simplicity

After saying I was going to do it, and really intending to do it, I added it to my goal list for 2013 and actually did it.  I opened up Sponsorships here at Small Town Simplicity.  I decided to go with blog sponsorships as opposed to traditional advertising so that I can be in complete control of what businesses and websites are advertised here, and only work with those with whom I am completely comfortable recommending to you.

This month I am thrilled to welcome:

 Mothering With Mindfulness, a blog by Kim Corrigan-Oliver, holistic nutritionist and founder of "Your Green Baby."

Whole Parenting Family, an excellent resource for natural parenting and whole family living.

Tiffany's Kitchen, a family-owned company of a dear friend, specializing in hand sewn goods for the whole family.

Welcome to Small Town Simplicity!   Please take a moment to visit these wonderful websites and learn more about them.

If you have a business or website you believe would be a good fit here at Small Town Simplicity and are interested in learning more about sponsorships, what they entail and what I offer, please email me at lydiajwill at gmail dot com.

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  1. So happy to be in your space :) Took a quick peek at your other sponsors, lovely.

  2. I like your thinking - finding sponsors that fit with your blog x

  3. Love being a sponsor as I love your blog! Very honored, too.


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