Monday, February 11, 2013

Appreciation Day {Mindful Mothering Mondays}

As kids, we'd be on pins and needles of anticipation all day.  Mom originally came up with the idea of Appreciation Day, and it quickly became a family tradition we all loved.  On a random day, we'd choose someone in the family and make our preparations.  Dad ended up with the most Appreciation days, all said.  Mom would make dinner and we'd slip a few wrapped trinkets and homemade cards next to his plate, cheering when he walked through the door.

The concept is simple enough. Taking an ordinary day and using it to celebrate someone you love, reminding them of your appreciation for them and all that they are and do.  Our appreciation gifts were often homemade or thrifted items - a tie found down at the local thrift store, a favorite candy bar from the corner store, or a little stitched sachet or whittled  gift.  Nothing expensive or over the top.

I'd all but forgotten those days when my brother brought it up to me a few weeks ago, suggesting that we bring appreciation days back.  So we hatched a plan to do just that, and what better day or time than at Sunday dinner, when the whole family is gathered together?  In the dead of winter, it could breathe new life into our days.

Introducing a new generation to Appreciation days, handing on the tradition of loving one another the very best we can, reminds me of the importance of celebrating each day as a gift.  Looking at the people who we live and work alongside every day and telling them "I see you.  I see what you do, who you are.  I see your heart.  And I'm so blessed to have you in my life."

So I bake a chocolate cake and Jonah carefully shakes on the sprinkles.  We gather small things - a gift card for coffee, a magazine, a favorite candy bar, a box of tea.  Wrapped and set by his plate at family dinner.  Dad says a prayer of appreciation and when I look up and see these people, this humble family, standing here in gratitude, my heart catches.

This is the way to truly experience life as it was meant to be lived - with gratitude for every little thing, love for every soul, and joy in the living.  Raising up another generation to see the blessings everywhere, in everyone, I can see that yes, this is the path to happiness.


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  1. I love appreciation days! Do you remember that we called them Unbirthdays? Sam had the most, because he was always having casts taken off or some such malarkey that required being the one we all celebrated.

  2. What an absolutely wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing.


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