Monday, February 18, 2013

Efficiency in Mothering {Mindful Mothering Mondays}

We're sitting before a crackling fire when she shares it with me, a revelation of sorts.

"I've realized that maybe God doesn't call us to be efficient.  That if, at the end of the day, we didn't get it all done, everything we thought we should, because of interruptions or needing to help this person or that - maybe that was God's plan for our day all along."

I sip coffee and nod, pondering, looking at her words through the lens of her life.  Could it be true?  This thing that we hold up as a virtue, could it possibly not be?

In our modern world, each family home has many machines for efficiency.  Gone are the days of washboards and wood stoves.  We've found ways to make everything move more quickly so we can fit in more.  More life, or so we are told.  By delegating this and that we can take on more and doesn't taking on more mean living more?  We wake up early and start cramming things in as quickly as possible.  We eat in our cars, while answering emails, and rarely with each other.  We stay online late into the night, then shut off the computers only to switch to our smartphone while in bed.  Efficiency.  We are plugged in 24/7.  We call it an advancement.  We call it living.

But when we're interrupted?  In our mad dash to get these huge lives of ours accomplished, we groan inwardly when someone unexpectedly drops by, or when we have to hold a feverish child all day.  We tell one another we don't have time to talk, or invite someone in, and then wonder why we have no community, no support, no one to really talk to.

I'm weighing it out, and thinking of my little son who, at 3, is convinced he is in complete control of his life.  He will make grand proclamations - "When we get home from Grandmas, I'm going to play this game."  But when we get home late, and I tell him no, it's time for bed?  He is shocked that what he was planning on all along is just not going to happen.  I wonder if God sees some of our plans like that.  We go along, like a 3 year old, clinging to a plan that was never His plan for us to begin with.  And sometimes?  We throw toddler sized tantrums when our plans go awry, forgetting that His?  Prevail.

So maybe His plan for me today will mean I don't get all that laundry done, or answer all of my emails.  Perhaps His plan for me includes something I could never have expected.  When a toddler throws a fit, or the dishwasher breaks.  When I'm asked to take them on a walk or someone calls and needs some advice.  By embracing the unexpected, slowing down and opening myself up for interruption, I can stop resisting and start living the life He calls me to.

As a mother in the home, interruptions are my work, my vocation.  If I could see them that way, my whole perspective could change.


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  1. Love this! So true. Thank you for reminding me to embrace the unexpected. I am a big planner...I really struggle when my plans change, and I do pitch a big ol' temper tantrum! But, those moments are my life, those are the moments that make the most memories and usually teach us the biggest lessons.

  2. Lydia this post is great. These are just some of the themes that have been secretly on my heart lately. How time slips by, how we foolishly try to wrestle control away from Him, how we don't live present in the moment, how we do not (or more accurately, how I do not) slow down for even the simplest of activities, events, or moments. I think that God is truly speaking through you. At least I think He is to me! Thank you so much for reinforcing a better perspective.

  3. Thanks, ladies. I actually had to check myself this morning, getting frustrated with my kids dawdling over school work. Obviously there needs to be a balance, and I'm not suggesting letting them get away with lazyness, but I really do struggle with things not going according to my plans...and maybe sometimes realizing that my plans aren't the ones that matter can lead me to a deeper understanding of His plan for me.


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