Friday, February 22, 2013

Into the Weekend

Another week is drawing to an end.  Today, the kids are looking forward to helping Grandpa with a Lent tradition, Friday night fish fry!  My Dad is a little bit of an outdoor cooking enthusiast as well as a big believer in including children in as much as possible.  It is a huge blessing to me to see how much he loves having my kids around him, helping out - and how they adore him in return.  I think I'll make a few of these coconut cream pies to take along tonight.  This picture is from last year.  Jonah has grown so much!

While visiting my cousin Libby on Wednesday night, I was inspired (as I often am by her!) to take apart the Valentine's bouquet Jason gave me and divide it into small bouquets to set around the house.  Because what could possibly be better than one bouquet but many!  Dinah helped, which was marvelous - I think her artistic eye is much sharper than my own.  It looks like Spring has exploded, which is just what all of us need at this point.

I am 35 weeks as of yesterday, and have finally written down a "to do before baby's arrival" list.  For weeks I've been mentally tallying things, which only serves to keep me up at night, thoughts whizzing in and out of my brain til all hours.  The list is ongoing, and will doubtlessly expand and continue to grow as I think of all of those little details that Mamas seem to know about instinctively but others need reminding of.  With a baby due just days shy of Easter, all mixed in with the birthdays of 3 of my older kids, I'm feeling the need to get everything ready and set. Just in case.  But knowing me, I'll get all prepared and baby will arrive after all the hullaballoo is over.  Ah well.

We woke up this morning to a fair bit of snow, and it's still coming down.  The kids are already laying their plans for a trip to the "snow mountain" in a nearby parking lot.  I noticed the snowdrops along the path to my Mom's the other day, and it looks as though they were frozen solid, mid budding.  I hope that they somehow survive this.

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  1. Hi Lydia!
    I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and have been thoroughly enjoying your current posts and the archives. One of my favorite blogs shut down last fall and I have been sorely missing Amanda's posts. You have filled that hole wonderfully and just when I need some mama-couragement : )
    Blessings on the cold and snowy Friday~

    1. Hi Bonnie! Thanks for coming by and for your sweet comment. It's good to meet you!

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  3. It's funny to see we're doing the same things. I also have a list "to do before baby", with taxes on top followed by birthday gifts. My daughter's birthday is just a few days after the baby is due (but I guess the baby will arrive later than its due date), as well as having my mother's, my nephew's, my uncle's and my sister's birthdays the same month.


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