Friday, April 26, 2013

A Day with Grandpa...PFHR

Today is bright and beautiful.  I've been preparing for a busy family filled weekend.  My Dad took the day off work to help with my kids.  Last night, he came by with an itinerary - written out carefully in his normally unreadable handwriting so that the kids could see - a day starting with pancakes for breakfast, then off on trailblazing adventures, lunch at a drive in, a salamander hunt.  As a Dad to 7 and Grandpa to 9, he knows that the trick to keeping kids engaged it a well thought out plan, divided into 30 minute segments.
He is, in short, a pro at child-wrangling. He had them from 830 AM all the way until 330, and they had a wonderful time.  They all returned dirty, tired and happy, with a report of excellent behavior .  It was a lovely gift to all of us.

And now?  Onward into the weekend!  Wishing you all bright sunshiney days and lots of lovely time with family.  I'll be soaking up the moments here with some special people of my own.

(Note: I do believe this is my first ever post with all 6 children pictured!)

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  1. Oh what a wonderful day for your children and your dad. Great photos.

    Enjoy the fullness of your weekend.

  2. Grandads are the bet aren't they. All the experience of years if fatherhood, all the patiene of a good nights sleep.

  3. Oh the joys of grandparents! And my! Rosemary has so much hair! ...K

  4. What a great idea of his! And, yes! What a gift! Totally agree with Katherine's comment.


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