Friday, May 10, 2013

Free and Easy Days

Our last bit of Springtime company headed home on Wednesday, and as I cleaned up the breakfast dishes on Thursday morning, everything felt so very - open, somehow.  With a new baby in the house this Spring, our schooling rhythm has already changed quite a bit, before our usual end date of Memorial Day.  This year I am contemplating how to continue to incorporate just a smidge of formal learning into our summer days - sneaking it in without much notice from the kids, if all goes well.  I think it can be accomplished, even while keeping our Spring and Summer days free and easy.

I must say, these days do feel breezier than before.  We don't do many outside activities and do spend most days at home, but just the relaxing of my daily expectations really feels great.  Taking walks whenever possible.  Reading books and heading down the street for a library and ice cream date.  Aiming to have friends over at least once per week.  Weekend hikes with Daddy and of course evenings at the ballpark or just relaxing in the back yard with family.  I love the feeling of being up for anything, when a friend swings by unexpectedly in the morning and I just start that coffee maker right back up and fall in for a nice long chat.  It makes sense, I think, to change pace with the seasons.  It feels right for now.

Today I took a little walk around my parents yards while trying to get Rosie to fall asleep in the wrap (one of her favorite places for a quick snooze).  Dad had mentioned a day or so ago that the dogwood was in bloom and I wanted to get a few pictures before she faded away.  Growing up, there was a crab apple tree in this spot - I don't remember what happened to it, but Mom always wanted a white dogwood there.  She finally bought the dogwood, but the nursery messed up and gave her pink instead of white, something we didn't realize until the following spring.  I was secretly pleased - I like the pink ones best, anyway.

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  1. I am so with you on the change of pace with the seasons, it is happening here now, much earlier than expected. We are just going with it and letting it flow as it does.

    Love that dogwood. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Beautiful tree! Now that spring is here, we love to spend the early mornings on our sunny front porch, sitting on our porch swing or wandering about the yard in pajamas! It is so nice to breathe easier.


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