Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sponsor Highlight: Tiffany's Kitchen

{Today I have the pleasure of sharing one of my lovely sponsors with you!  I first met Tiffany at our homeschool co op.  I knew I liked her from the start when I looked across a crowded room and saw her knitting!  She has since moved on and settled with her family in Ohio, starting up the new business venture that I am thrilled to be sharing with you today.  Take a moment to read through our little Q & A and head over to her site to check out her lovely wares!  You can also catch up with Tiffany and her beautiful family at}

Q. Tell us a little bit about Tiffany's Kitchen.
 A. When we lived in Michigan, I made several attempts at selling my sewn wares at local farmer's markets. While it wasn't a complete bust, it was really just an expensive hobby and not a money maker.  When we moved to Ohio last year, we decided to sell produce from our garden at the local farmer's market. Just one problem. We didn't have produce to sell for the first few months, but still needed to be at the market each week to establish ourselves a midst the community. Solution? Bake delicous-ness, of course!  So, I started making scones, cookies, pretzels, amazing brownies, and some gluten free goodness for some friends of mine (and others who happened to be thrilled to have it as an option). I also sold my aprons, burp cloths, and blankets. When the vegetables ripened, I tried to sell them at market, but failed. I couldn't compete with the big farmers and ended up selling most of my extra produce to friends who lived along my route home from the market each week!  In the meantime, people were seeking me out each week for their baked treats, and I was selling out nearly every week.  My sewn items sold slowly but surely at the market, while online, I was getting at least a new order a week. Tiffany's Kitchen took on a life of its own over the course of the market last summer.  I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love my late nights and early mornings sewing and baking for the enjoyment of my family and customers!
Q. How did you decide to start your own home-based business?
A. We're working our Debt Snowball (if you like Dave Ramsey, you'll get that!).  While we have enough to live on, it is going to take us forever to pay off student loans. This is why I do what I do..So that we can make extra payments as often as possible and get out of debt that much faster!  
Q. As a homeschooling mama to 3 little ones, how does running a work-at-home business factor in to your daily family life?  
A. I do most of my sewing and baking when the kids have gone to bed. I can sew, knit, and/or bake in peace without any demands being made of me, save the 8 month old who thinks he still needs to eat on demand! Sometimes I include them in my baking adventures!
Q. Tiffany's Kitchen sells everything from baked goods (locally) to aprons, skirts, and items for home. What is your very favorite object that you sell?
A. Sewn items: Aprons with dishtowels on them.  Baked good: Gluten Free brownies that are AMAZING!
Q. The handmade industry seems to be on the upswing as people turn toward family owned businesses now more than ever before. What is your vision for Tiffany's kitchen over the next few years?
A. Over the next few years, I'd love to see Tiffany's Kitchen bring in a steady and fairly predictable income, from both local and internet sales. I hope to be selling in small stores locally within the year! I do have an online shop now, which is awesome, and I'll hopefully have an official "Home Bakery" by the summer, so that I can ship my baked goods, too!  I am looking forward to my son and daughter making things or participating in other ways within  the company to teach them about good work ethics and Christlike business practices.  God has certainly provided thus far, and I"m sure that He'll continue to provide our every need!

Stay tuned for a future giveaway from Tiffany's Kitchen, coming up soon!
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