Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gum Drop Tunic {Yarn Along}

To tell the truth, I was overwhelmed.  Am overwhelmed.  All that glorious yarn - and where to start?  I'd pull it all out, then put it back.  I'd search patterns on ravelry, pull it out again, and put it back.  I'd knit something small - a hat, a pair of booties.  That scared to use it on something frivolous feeling.  That "I need to get started on knitting up this yarn!" feeling in sharp contrast.

I finally grabbed a ball - I think it is retrobaby knits but I have no idea the colorway - and looked up a tunic pattern for Rosemary.  I really do love vests on babies - just a bit of extra warmth for winter time, especially when they are in that crawling around on the floor age.  A tunic/dress/jumper/pinafore for Rosie would fulfill that requirement.  I chose the Ivyanna pattern, with the gathered option  - just so swingy and sweet.  I'm imagining it over leggings and a long sleeved onesie for winter time.  These type of garments really do "grow with" babies, so hopefully she can wear it well into next spring as a little top.

Though thinking of my Rosemary as being that big that soon,'s a little tough.  But for now, a little pinafore/tunic/dress/jumper is just right.  And yes, I'm already planning the next one I will knit.  I think a red one?  Maybe with some colorwork?  The possibilities are indeed endless!

In other news, I think I have a plan for at least some of that yarn.  Jackets for Rosemary and Peter, sweaters for the boys and girls.  Now I just need some bigger needles.

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  1. Having to repent of some serious yarn envy over here! :) Gorgeous gorgeous, the whole stash looks gorgeous! Isn't it amazing the ways God provides little lights and joys in our lives, especially when money is {always} tight? It always reminds me of His love and the fact that He knows even the little desires of our hearts. I love the tunic you chose for your Rosie and especially the gathering; it makes it so sweet, classic, and feminine. Phoebe's sweater has been on my list for this fall/winter too for one of my girls; probably one of my next cast-ons.

  2. Wow, it looks awesome. Such a great yarn for this lovely tunic.

  3. Adorable! I love Retrobaby yarn!

  4. I LOVE that little tunic. Long sleeve onsies and leggings and she's going to be all that! The yarn is so sweet, too. You've picked out really nice patterns for the others ~ and I completely 'get' the feeling of being overwelmed. I've been working on my lists this week to avoid just that! Between holidays and birthdays I think I now have a good feeling in which direction I'm headed. :)


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