Monday, September 23, 2013


I remember tippy-toeing my way down the front stairs, through the creaky hallway, searching her out.  In our huge, 200 year old home, I'd peek around corners into the places she'd usually inhabit.  In the summer, it was usually the Sunroom - morning streaming in all around, she in a candy-striped cotton robe on the couch.  In the fall or winter time, in the back room off the kitchen, in front of the woodstove, wrapped in flannel.  Always there with a smile, a steaming mug, open arms.  Always a bible beside her and room for any of the 7 of her brood that came to find her. Always there.

It's twenty-some years later, and we're neighbors now.  I've got my own people searching me out.  My daily bible readings are delivered by an app, though I keep the bible I received in the third grade close, just in case.  I've got my over-sized fleece robe draped about me, with lots of extra space for lots of extra occupants.  I can hear them creaking down those old stairs, icy toes pitter-pattering over cold boards, looking for me.  I'm always here.

There are many things that aren't fun about motherhood.  We mutter over messes and fight insomnia brought on by stress.  There are also many things that seem boring to those on the outside.  The loss of adventure and impulsive creativity being one.  But while dependability may not be a glamorous attribute to the masses, in a mother it is priceless.  The security of a present parent is a gift that, while taken for granted most of the time, has weight.  Worth.  Giving this to our children means more than any amount of amusement park trips or shopping sprees.  It says more than a mountain of gifts on Christmas and birthday parties with high price tags.

Dependability tells our children that we are here for the every day, not just the special occasions.  Security means that they can find us any time, anywhere.  That they are worthy of our time, interest, attention.  That they can reach out and find us - when things go wrong, and when they go right.  For the tears as well as the laughter.  For life.

I hear a little one call out "Mama!" upstairs and a big sister comes padding down the stairs with him on her back.  "Here's Mama!" she says as she drops him gently in my lap.  I smother him with kisses and wrap him up in fleece, and reach out to bring her in, close, under the blanket she brings.  "'Morning, Mom," my girl whispers, cuddling in.  With my bed-head, ages old pajamas and rings under my eyes, I know, to them, I'm the first person they want to see.  Dependable.  Reliable.



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  1. This is truly a beautiful post.

  2. Lydia, this is a beautiful, inspiring post. Just what I needed when the weight of "Mom!" coming from the other room for homework help for the zillionth time is started to wear on my endurance. Thanks so much for this, your children and husband are so blessed to have you.

  3. Lydia--you are such an amazing writer--you draw sweet pictures with your words and gather us into your moments. What a treasure you are--what a mentor-mom and example for those who are so busy during this sometimes frustrating time of life. From my perspective, your truth is so precious--the time and loving concern and "being there" is the most important aspect of mothering and it is over way too soon. God bless you abundantly, Lydia and may His favor be all over you this day and throughout your child-rearing days. May He plant those wonderful memories in your heart for one day, that will be what matters most! What you teach your children about your faithfulness will give them an openness to believe in God's faithfulness.


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