Thursday, November 21, 2013

Soften The Day

Today we bake cookies.  We play outside.  Today we read our Bible stories.  Today we fold laundry and come in from outside covered in mud.  Today we mop floors and read.  Today we add and subtract, divide and multiply.  Today we cuddle and hug and kiss.  We hold fussy babies and lay down train tracks for toddlers.  Today we send Daddy funny texts with pictures and wait for his silly answers.  Today we learn how to love each other, fail a bit, and try some more.  Today we try and keep the house tidy, but accidentally dump out the crayons.  Today my children are little and young and today I will try and remember that.  Today we don't have a plan for dinner, but grilled cheese sounds just fine.  Today there is no time for more than Today.  Today, that's just fine.

Today is enough.  Today deserves my attention.  Today is worth my trouble.  Today is what I've been called to live.  Today is enough for Today.

I soften today when I live right in the center of it, accepting what is and giving it my full focus.

"How about we all try and smile as much as we can today?" My oldest daughter suggests it right after Bible time this morning.  Just like she's had that wise perspective all along.  One day, then, at a time.  With lots of smiles.  Mindfully managing this moment.

"Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself."

Matthew 6:34

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