Friday, December 6, 2013

{Making} Christmas

{A warning to those of you on our friends and family list of gift recipients: the element of surprise may be lost if you read Christmas posts here.  Don't say I didn't warn you!}

The girls passed the morning making stars.  We threaded wool yarn through a point and think they look quite nice hanging just about anywhere.  Christmas tree, window or even a chandelier, if we had such a thing.  Many thanks to the sweet co op friend who gifted us the supplies!  We are having so much fun!

I've got plans for edible goodness to take around to family and friends this year, the first where we have bowed out of our "pull a name"gift exchange with my family.  It was bound to happen, and to be honest I was ready to end it.  This year already seems more peaceful as a result of the shedding of a few of our normal traditions.  Still, I can't resist making a little something for everyone.  This year, I'm planning on caramel sauce...because it doesn't have to be eaten right away, but it certainly can.  Because everything is better with salted caramel on it.  And because I have jelly jars ready and little girls who want to embellish them.  And because they will travel well, fit snugly in a box and be easily delivered and stored.  Also, toffee.  Because it's my Mom's favorite.  And because toffee.  Yes, that's a reason.

Oh there's more making going on.  I just convinced myself Rosie needs elf shoes and a hat for Christmas (she's not getting anything else).  I've got 3 things on the needles right now that I wanted to be done by tomorrow morning...and I'm not ready to admit defeat.  My kids are still looming up a storm and wrapping their handmades in white paper tied with red yarn and elaborately illustrated with crayon.

This year, making Christmas.  It's feeling a bit elfish after all.

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  1. Love those stars. I have been looking at the toffee recipe, it looks so good, we don't eat butter though, not sure it would work with coconut oil, but I may have to try :) Have a wonderful weekend.


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