Wednesday, December 4, 2013


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These December evenings are just so snug.  I'm usually buried under a few children on the couch after dinner, in that slightly uncomfortable place between "oh they are so sweet, don't move a muscle!" and " leg is falling asleep."  I know I'll come to eat these words in February, but I'm liking the deep darkness of these Winter evenings.  

Our evening Advent devotions are chaos, but not without their own brand of sweetness. My favorite part?  Holding hands and saying "Our Father" around the Advent wreath and taking in the faces of my six babes and their amazing father.  It's a natural and gentle end to our days, and it just feels so right. After the kids clamber on up the stairs, I try my best to get some gift knitting done.  I say "try" because at 8 months old,  our Rosemary still declines to sleep alone.  In my arms, or flopped across my midsection, her favorite resting place.  She can tell when I ever so cautiously slip her onto the couch beside me, or tuck her into bed.  I have mere moments before she calls to me again, so these days I'm giving in early and allowing her to stay just where she pleases - and knitting around her.  I'm a firm believer that babies cannot be spoiled.  Each one is their own unique self, with their own needs and preferences and well, what can be said of Miss Rosemary Beatrice?  She feels most secure and happy with her Mama.  And really, there's nothing at all wrong with that.

These days are flying by..and it's my pleasure to pass them in just this way: breathing in the soft sighs of my baby love and wrapping wool around a pair of sticks.  My favorite things, after all.

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  1. Found your blog through Yarn Along, it's a lovely read! Good luck with knitting around your little one :-) She looks happy and content!

  2. I'm reading this while I wait for my little miss to fall asleep. I love my children as they are now but I miss them as babies. Thank you for letting me peek in on yours.


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