Monday, January 13, 2014

The Hardest Part of All {Mindful Mothering Mondays}

{We're finally heading back to school today.  The first day back is always a little bit trickier than any other, so I'm just quickly dropping this archived post here today.  I hope you enjoy it, and the pictures of my great big girl trying to stand (those thighs!). It may be just the reminder I need.  If you think of it and have a moment, I'd love a few prayers for peace, calm and minimal struggle today.}

Although I entered motherhood at a young age, by today's standards, I thought I had a pretty good grasp of what it took to be a decent mother.  I was raised in a larger than average family and homeschooled so I had a front row seat to daily life as a Mom.  At least, I thought I did.

I watched my Mom rock babies and kiss the scraped up palms of hysterical toddlers.  I saw her cook and clean with a song in her heart and a babe on her hip.  I could do that...right?

The truth is, the difficult parts of being a Mom aren't found in the blackness of sleepless nights, or the stark slopes of laundry mountains.  The biggest struggle isn't in the changing of twelve diapers a day, potty training accidents or breastfeeding struggles.  Caring for a whole family in the throes of a stomach bug is like child's play next to the real, bone crushing, soul deep struggles that Mothering brings.  The ones that make you face down your very own self, seeing failures and flaws daily showcased.

Coming in contact with the humanness of knowing exactly who and where you want to be, and falling short day after day after day.

But perhaps therein lies the importance of it all.  This work cannot be boiled down to a cook/clean/childcare/chauffeur position.  No true price tag can be placed on it.  How does one quantify the costs and benefits of a job that rips down to your raw soul and yet gives you the strength and motivation to continue on?  This is no desk job, no 9-5, "leave work at the office" kind of position.   This is a life, a calling that seamlessly blends the service of others, sacrifice of self and the searching of soul.

Mothering requires us to take a long, hard look at who we fundamentally are, warts and all.  There is no brushing it under the rug, no ignoring the mess.  Its stares us down each and every day.  But when you see that, when you are forced to acknowledge the flaws in you, that is when you can begin to do something about it.

The hardest part of all is also the best part of all.  Even as you end your day knowing how you've once again messed it up, you can look forward to a a new day, mercies springing up in the sunshine, and resolve to do, and be...better.


{It's Mindful Mothering Mondays, a day to take a deep breath and write out your mothering journey, whatever form it takes.  A day to link up for encouragement from others who are in this same phase of life.  A day of writing out the trials and triumphs and what you're learning right where you are, right now. 

You might post recent struggles or thoughts.  Maybe just a picture or a quote.  Or maybe you'll just come here and read the links that others post.  Whatever form your participation takes, this is a day for you.
We are all in this, together.  Together, we can encourage and build one another up, be honest with our shortcomings and strengthened by community to keep fighting the good fight.

I chose Mondays because what Mama doesn't need a little encouragement on a Monday? As such, I'll have the link up ready to go on Sunday night for you to begin submitting your links.

I hope you'll meet with me each Monday!  Here's what to do ~

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  1. Yes! Grateful for the new mercies everyday! Have you read "Desperate" by Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae? I avoided it for a while because of the title...I'm not that desperate, right? I found it very refreshing and freeing in many ways. I think that we can get lost in the expectations of what a mother is "supposed" to be, instead of striving to be the mothers that God made us to be.

  2. I haven't...I'll put it on my list! Thanks!

  3. Dear, dear Lydia,
    After reading your post (and many others of yours), and looking at your little Rose standing on her own, on her sturdy thighs, i see you, falling down, but rising up again on your sturdy legs, not getting too discouraged by the number of falls, but always rising again to stand, with the strength and encouragement of the Holy Spirit. You are such a treasure to all of us who know and love you.

  4. Oh, how do you not squeeze and kiss those legs all day.....
    I think that being a mother has made me into such a better human being. I'm always in awe of how my kids are so loving and accepting of me, even when I have completely lost my marbles and am asking for them to forgive my latest rant. I think they give me a tiny, little glimpse into God's infinite mercy. Thanks for sharing this today. I hope you have a great day.


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