Thursday, January 23, 2014

This Week {PHFR}

Oh, these winter weeks are something else entirely.  How can these short winter days feel ages longer than their lengthy summer counterparts?  I'm not quite sure, but as we approach February, my least favorite month, I'm looking around and feeling a bit out of it.  Today, linking up with {PHFR} to gain some perspective in the middle of the muddle.  Let's get at it, shall we?


Last weekend was our 11 year wedding anniversary.  Pretty amazing.  I never think I'm old enough to be married as long as I have been.  J brought me roses and if we are friends on instagram, you may have gotten a peek at me trying to be brave in the face of a plate full of sushi.  Yikes.  Just a little outing for the two of us, but so much fun to take a moment together to celebrate over a decade of our shared life.  This thing we have is so good.  I'm struck every day at the wonder of having someone like him love someone like me.


A friend that I met through blogging graciously sent us some piano books last week.  My plan was to teach the kids on Fridays and have them practice during the week.  Last night, Ben settled down on the piano bench and taught himself the first few lessons without any prompting for me.  And I know it's silly, but my heart just flooded in that moment.  So much happiness.  So much gratitude.  Thank you to Carol for your thoughtfulness, encouragement and love.  It means so much.


Rosie is cracking us up lately.  She has such a little personality.  She's sweet, sassy and stubborn all at once (and no, I have no idea where she gets it...).  She's getting so big, so fast, popping out teeth left and right, her hair growing and curling.  Her latest passion is standing, balancing and taking one or two tentative steps.  She's a little later at walking than some of my other kids, but we don't mind a bit.


There is no shortage to real moments here during the wintertime.  I cannot believe the rate at how quickly my housework gets undone when all of us are spending all of our time indoors.  Revving up motivation for this second semester of school has been a struggle as well - I think all of us are feeling a bit bored, tired, annoyed and lazy (especially me).  I'm fighting the urge so scrap all the curriculum and start over. I'm looking forward to next week when our co op begins and life starts to look a bit more normal.  All fine, all good, but goodness - very real.  Trying to remind myself that life and learning  isn't what happens in the perfect moments with no conflict.  Life and learning happens even on the hard days.  Even in the tough moments.  I'm clinging to that knowledge and hoping it will get me through.

How's your week coming along?

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  1. sushi is my favorite! we make it at home sometimes after the kids go to bed. but i still love going out for it...


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