Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sunshine Therapy

This winter has been so long and dark.  Snow upon snow upon snow here in Michigan, getting so that I hardly notice that it's snowing anymore.  I walked through what was our lawn for the first time in a month yesterday, and the snow drifted up over my knees.  This winter, I've felt buried alive.  It's getting so that the snow, the snow is just fine.  I don't mind it, really.  I've overcome my fear of driving in it and have come to accept clearing the car off every single time I use it as just the way it is.  But this time of year, it's the sun I crave. The sun that I miss. The lack of sun that turns me into a bit of a cantankerous grouch.

But then yesterday, yesterday, there was sun. A balmy 35 degrees, too, so I threw open all of the curtains and stood right in the middle of a warm pool of light. Sunshine Therapy. It's amazing to me the difference a little sunshine can make, even when I don't leave the house. Sunshine motivated me to do some cleaning and dejunking.  I talked on the phone to a friend which improved my mood even further. Despite a baby under the weather and cancelled co op, I had a good day.

I worked on Dinah's birthday/spring shrug and I'm nearly done. Just need to do little short sleeves. The pattern is "Something Beautiful" which I have made before, the yarn something my yarn fairy sent last summer - organic merino, I think. A quick little one skein project, even for the largest size (I made an 8/9). The girls painted. The boys made huge fantastic lego creations. Almost as if the dark had stolen even our creative mojo, and now that the sun was peeking in our windows, we were revived.

Today, we're back to the normal grey of February - but I can take it. For that moment yesterday, I had a little glimpse - Spring is on the way. Something in the slant of the sun and the smell of snowmelt reminds me that, even if (when) we get more snow, we're on our way back around. Each day one step closer to sunshine and warmth.

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  1. Oh how I remember living in Michigan and missing the sun all winter! We always welcomed snow because it made the days just a bit brighter with reflected light. Here's to wishing more sunshine in your direction!

  2. Oh I'm learning all about snow that that we are in New England instead of Virginia! Snowing again today after 5 inches yesterday and quite a bit the week before....I do go out and shovel the drive the exercise does me good and I LOVE the fact that the house we are renting had LOTS of windows so we have light even when we don't necessarily have sun. And yes my chair I sit in when the children are having naps/quiet time is in the sunniest window.....K

  3. It is always amazing to me how much more I can accomplish on a sunny winter day! Just like you, I get quite grumpy and lethargic when there is no sun during the winter.


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